A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Akemi Touwa [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Akemi Touwa [FINISHED]   Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:33 am

Akemi Touwa

Basic Info

Akemi Touwa



17 [or so she thinks]


Akemi has never been one to say to much to anybody really, she's silent, and her facial expression has always stayed monotone most of the time. She will follow orders though, with-out hesitation, depending on what they are of course, her only intention is to kill titans, she can not kill humans.
In battle, she is swift on her feet, and though her body is as frail as a child's, it also gives her quite the advantage to hover through the air and glide around faster than the air itself. She is always looking out for others, no matter how cold her expression may be, or how rude her words will be, she will no matter what the cost, protect her team or the others lashing out around her.
She despises violence, it makes her sick, even the sight of blood makes her feel sick [only from human beings], so she does whatever she can to cease the violence, after all, even though she's small, her eyes are quite intimidating, which causes most people to stop in their tracks with whatever they are doing in either fear or awe.
Other than that, she's just looking for friends who understand her, who truly get her, most people don't seem to understand the way she see's things, and why she acts the way she acts, because underneath all those colourless words and cold looks, she's actually quite a cheerful young girl.

Physical Traits


Scouting Legion

Nope, she's just a regular solider like most others.



Hair Color/Length:
Akemi has remarkable light blue hair that waves just down to her arse, she is not certain why her hair colour is the colour of the sky.

Eye Color:
The exact colour of her hair, blue.

As shown at the very top, Akemi has alluring light blue eyes and long wavy light blue hair that stops just at her arse. Her character is quite frail, making her seem like she has the body of a child, though having the figure of a child can prove to be quite disappointing it is actually quite useful when it comes to battle. She has healthy pale skin, and a baby face that is apparently cute to others most of the time. Akemi has long raven eyelashes, and when not in solider attire is seen wearing a very very long black sweater that covers her jean shorts, and then her favourite worn out boots, [which are in the colour of chocolate brown].


  • Toughness - 2
  • Intellect - 3
  • Dexterity - 10

Character Information


Animals- even though she doesn't get to see them very often due to always be locked in the walls, and busy doing other things, she has always had a very strong connection with animals, or a bond per say. They make her happy, and she is always seen with a huge cheerful smile on her face whenever holding a young puppy or a tiny kitten in her hands.

Good Battle- she likes a good competition, others don't usually talk to her to much due to her cold look all the time, but whenever she does get approached for battle, excitement fills in her face and she gets pumped to win. Sparing has always excited her, because she is earning to get stronger so that her only ability won't just be speed but it will also be strength as-well.

Titans- not the titans that eat humans per say, but the titan shifters. She knows so little about her own kind, and even though everybody around her talks dirty about them, thinking that they are bad, she thinks that some of them are good, and that the secret of all titans lie between their lips. So, she does whatever she can to guard over a titan shifter, knowing that they are the only hope for human-kind.


Blood- she hates to see the blood of human beings splattered out around her, even dead bodies as-well, it sickens her so much she wants to throw up or just fade away. Akemi just wants to be in a world that isn't full of so much bloodshed.

Olives- she is disgusted with olives, not by the way they look but, by the way they taste as-well, even though her memories are very faint, she's pretty sure that she was fed olives way to much that she eventually just became sick of them.

Violence- it has always been the cause of many deaths, it causes conflicts and terrible things to happen to many people. As a result, in Akemi's eyes at least, violence has never ever been the answer to anything.


Dying- she knows so little about herself, and who she really is, dying know would result in her loosing everything. She wants to live long enough to see the last titan in the entire world collapse onto the ground dead, no, she wants to live long enough to finally take a step outside the walls.

Finding Out- she is majorly frightened for others to find out that she is a titan shifter, so many people despise titans, she knows if she is found out, answers that she doesn't will be tortured from her mouth.

Loosing Those Close to Her- though she is always cold and quiet, and doesn't have much friends, if she were to someday find those people who understood her and accepted her for who she was she would be heartbroken if she lost them, it would feel as if her entire heart had been ripped from her chest and torn into pieces. She doesn't want to go through the pain of loosing those close to her once again.


Finding- she wants to know who she really is, and does to the best of her intention to learn more about titans, and also more about herself. She feels if she doesn't know what she is, or what happened in her past then there is absolutely no reason for her to live.

To Become Stronger- she feels if she becomes stronger she will accomplish more in the battle with titans, that if she were both powerful and swift together, the killing would be more easy. Because, her speed alone isn't enough, though she is very solid and bold, she wants to increase even more in strength.

To See The World- she doesn't understand it, but in glimpses of her past, she has seen parts of the world, like the desert and the ocean, but, even though she feels like she has already seen the world, she wants to go again, she wants to confirm what the ocean water truly feels like. It's always been a dream for her to swim in the ocean water that is entirely made of salt water.

Character History

In the very beginning of her life, she really believed there to be nothing, no she thought she was dead, everywhere she looked she saw nothing but darkness, a long endless mass of blackness, not a single sound, she could only hear her breath, her faint breath. But, then came a voice, telling her to wake up, it increased, growing louder and louder until her vision cleared and she awoke to see a man in a uniform rattling her shoulders back and forth, gasping in relief once he noticed she had awoken.
Everything was a blur, she didn't remember a single thing, and her head ached so terribly she just wanted to go back to sleep. Kneading her hand against her fore-head she noticed she was bleeding, no, the next thing she noticed were titans, inside the walls, the smell of ash and blood was mixed into the air, her eyes enlarged in both fear and confusion as she sat there, the man hoisting her over his shoulder as he ran.
When she was seated on the rescue boat, a shadow was casted overtop of her sky blue eyes, a bandage coiled around her fore-head, everybody around her mumbling things like this is the end or we're going to die. Though, she wasn't really afraid, more of confused, the man had told her she had gotten hit by a piece of the wall when it had been smashed open, and that she was lucky that she had just gotten hit and not crushed. But, still, did that flying piece of the wall knock her onto the head so hard she had lost everything, that she had lost every single memory before that.
No, she could remember slight things, but they were faint and very small, her father, where was he? She didn't know, but she traveled through her memories as the boat casually began to move, the sounds of screams blocking out and away as she flinched at one memory.
She was a Titan, no, a human that could shift her own being into that of a Titan. Akemi glanced around, and then back over to the wall which had been abruptly lashed into by an armoured Titan, a glow rang out in it's eyes, steam trailing from it's mouth as she wondered to herself if she could help, if she could fend of the Titans and save everyone. Then, she thought back to her injuries, and her wounds, that even if she wanted to save them, if she changed, she would loose herself and end up destroying the lives of innocents around her.
After 2 years had passed, Akemi joined became a Trainee, in hopes that her swift skills would help to destroy the Titans. She wasn't sure why, but she had very unique combat skills, some of which she faintly remembered she learned from her Father, who was deceased or still alive somewhere in the world. Akemi, still didn't understand what her Father meant about coming home alive, where was home anyway, she wanted to know desperately, and she all pictured that it was somewhere hidden in the secret of the Titans.
4 months had gone by, and Akemi had become an official member of the Scouting Legion. At first, she was disliked by a lot of the members, for a few of the Higher Up's really respected her. She followed orders with-out hesitation in battle, and kept herself isolated back at Military Headquarters, either practicing her battling skills or observing the nature that surrounded the place. She wanted to desperately talk to the people that were Titan Shifters, and that had made a huge impact on saving humanity, but, didn't know how. She actually found, that she was frightened for others to find out, that if she told the people who were like her, that she would be tortured for answers.
She didn't think that was the right way to go, because, even if she was tortured, she wouldn't have any answers to give to them, because, she herself, barely knew about herself and the Titan's as-well. Though, she would tell them eventually, when the time was right, when her soldiers needed her help, she would be there, to help them, to show them who she truly is.
A year had finally past by, and Akemi increased in both strength and speed, earning quite a name for herself. She was trusted by everyone, while some were still envious of her. Though she was silent and cold, and remarkably rude her words had always left an impact on others, pursing them to try harder.

Has a silver hoop pierced into the her right upper ear, along with a strange black tattoo on her upper back that's in the symbol of a chinese dragon [is the exact size of a hand].



Basic Info

Titan Name:

Akemi doesn’t shift into her Titan form very often, but, when she usually does, she is in good control of the hot new skin that coils around her entire figure. She feels as though she were trained in her Titan figure, for she can speak unlike any other Titan’s and harden her skin, even run faster. She acts like her normal self, looking out for others, helping others out, even though she doesn’t have the best eyesight in her form, she does her very best not to hurt anything. If she did hurt anybody, she couldn’t live with herself, she would run away, and most likely never ever return. So when in battle, if humans are attacking her, she will simply grasp onto them with her hands, and place them back onto the ground, as a Titan, it is her intention to save human kind, not to hurt them. But, it’s not very likely that she’ll turn into a Titan very often, she’s frightened for others to figure out that it would be her, after all, she does have long light blue hair, and bright blue eyes, it practically gives it away when she has shifted into a Titan. If Akemi finds herself trapped by human beings, she will simply guard her neck with her hands, or harden the skin around that point, making it impossible for any of them to break through and capture her, she knows if she is captured, she will be hated, no beaten for not telling them for not being any help to man kind. She will only use her special ability, when the time is truly right, when everybody needs her.
When Akemi is weak and drained, and shifts into a Titan, she will look around and find herself lost in a wide open room of darkness, that no matter how far she goes and walks, she won’t find a way out, that a voice, that only somebody will need to call out to her. This is when she cannot control her Titan body, her Titan body usually doesn’t move on it’s own while she is in this state, infact it just lays on the ground not moving in the slightest. This leaves her very funerable at this point for other Titans to chow down into her hot flesh while she is unconcious in the binds of Titan skin, near the point of being gobbled up. Other times though, if Akemi is engaged in a very intense battle with other Titans or another Titan Shifter, she will grow fierce, using most of her combat skills before the heat of battle will devour her and she will eventually loose her mind. After all, whenever Akemi shifts, there is usually a reason for it, that reason, grows so strong in her mind, that she feels like she needs it, that if she doesn’t complete it, if she doesn’t get it over with there will be no point for her to live. But, this is only when Akemi is weak and drained, when she is full of energy when shifting into a Titan, she will be perfectly sane in her stronger more bold form.

Physical Traits


When Akemi has shifted into a Titan, her body is wrapped in hot warm flesh as she stands about 16 meters tall. She looks identical to her human form, except of course, bigger and much stronger with steamy pink flesh. She has light blue hair on the very stop of her Titan head, which reaches down to her Titan arse, wavy and slightly messy like it usually is. Her hair, leaves a shadow along the top of her eyes, making them glow blue in a very alluring way. Her mouth is usually binding shut by her hot Titan flesh and can be torn open by her own will if she please, in-fact, if she wants to speak, she doesn’t have to open her mouth but keep it slightly open and speak lowly from her throat, but loud enough for others to hear around her.
Even though her Titan body is built, her Titan arms are still very thin, along with her legs and the rest of her features, giving off the impression that she is a weak Titan, when really infact, she is a quick and powerful one. The tattoo that was embedded into her human flesh, also appears onto the back of her Titan form, and though a lot of people do not know that Akemi has a tattoo on her upper back, some people do, and it is a dead giveaway to who she is while in her Titan form.
Her features as a Titan are very feminine, as in her chest, and her rear, thin arms and legs, it’s almost a dead giveaway as to what gender she is as a Titan. When Akemi crystalizes some parts of her Titan flesh it’s very hard, to hard to even be shattered by a Titan itself, it comes in the color of her hair and her eyes.

Akemi has long blue hair, and bright blue glowing eyes. She has the ability to crystallize parts of her body, and move quite faster than other Titans.

Character History

As I said, in the very beginning for Akemi, when she awoke to the sounds of screaming and the smell of ash and blood in the air, she had forgotten everything, everything about her was a massive blur, and the only thing she could really recall was her name and how old she was. But, who was she really? That was her main question, she did remember faint memories, but they were only fragments, hardly enough to answer any questions about herself. Though, she didn’t remember much, she remember one memory quite clearly with her Father. He told her, that even if the whole world hated her, that he will always love her, and that he wanted her to come home safe and alive, and unharmed. But, she didn’t know where home was, all she knew, was that her Father had told her, she was special, that she had the ability to coil massive amounts of skin around her human body and shift into a massive Titan, a Titan that might be able to protect human-kind, that she might even be able to save the world.
Though, she wasn’t sure of this, so she went some-where isolated, to see if she was able to shift her hand into Titan skin, of course, she needed a reason, so dropped a spoon and used her abilities to grab onto it, and with-out hesitation, it worked, though, it did hurt and disgust her to taste her own blood in her mouth that day. At the same time, she was in awe with this amazing power, but, frightened at the same time as the steam from the hot flesh ascended into the air, and eventually disappeared into the earths surface and away from human kinds eyes, no proof left behind of that large Titan hand.
She wanted to show others her ability, she wanted to help, but, as a year went by, she had heard of incidents about Titan spies, about Titans who had the power to shift into humans. At first, she didn’t believe it, because, they were talking about someone like her, and she knew in-fact, that she was definately human. Many of the Titan shifters had been tortured, and luckily escaped from the grasp of soliders and the blades of their swords, and Akemi was glad for them, but grew anxious for her own being, for what would they do if they found out. There were many, many people who had accepted very few Titan shifters, and fought along side them to take out the Titans, though, they were barely trusted, and usually one wrong move sent them straight to their death.
Akemi would shudder at the thought of it every single time, knowing that no matter how hard she fought, and no matter how hard she tried to convince human kind that she wasn’t a harm in her Titan form, she knew they wouldn’t listen, and she knew they would not trust her in the slightest. Nobody could trust a Titan after all, they ate humans, and they had caused the at most suffering of all humans.
When Akemi thought back to the stories of how the wall was broken, she understood, that some Titan shifters, were not as friendly to humans as she thought they were, that indeed some of the humans that dwelled in these walls were enemies to human kind. So, with all that thought in mind, she kept her ability hidden, even if she wanted to help in her form, they would lock her up in the end and stare down at her as if she were the worst enemy they had ever seen. Though, that didn’t matter to her, because, when the time was right, she would definately use her power, to save human-kind.

She has a chinese dragon tattoo on her her upper back in her titan form, it is hard to see, since her long hair is covering it of course.
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PostSubject: Re: Akemi Touwa [FINISHED]   Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:32 pm

Approved, however keep in mind that i do allow crystallization like in the anime/manga please keep in mind you cannot crystallize multiple parts at the same time due to godmodding. For example: If you would crystallize the nape of your neck your arms would be vulnerable. Crystallizing afterwards when a player would attack you is not allowed.
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Akemi Touwa [FINISHED]
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