A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Sebastian Morals (FINISHED)

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Sebastian M.


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PostSubject: Sebastian Morals (FINISHED)   Sun Nov 02, 2014 8:50 pm

Sebastian, Morals

Basic Info

Name: Sebastian
Nickname: S.
Gender: male
Age: 18
Sexuality: Hetero
Personality: Sebastian keeps his cool in and off the battlefield often he will smile at anybody, sometimes he smiles at the titans, he has never panicked in a bad situation but instead helps people make their decisions when they don't know what to do he has always been asked,  "why are you so calm all the time?" Sebastian will smile at the person and simply shrug it off with no intention of answering the question.

Sebastian is a very mysterious person as well mainly due to his visits to the black market and how he only speaks when spoken to or when the situation calls for him to speak. he is known though to be seen in a flower shop or more specifically his flower shop, when not bothered by people. He always checks something in his jacket when he has the time to do so and he always keeps his right hand covered by a glove to cover a mark he got when he was a child.

Sebastian can also be a very mean and angry fellow when he time calls for it often seen to break a mans arm when he is angry, he will also launch himself into danger when his friends are in trouble and could be killed which is almost never as he always watches their backs. he has never forgot the past and will hold grudges when someone has offended him very badly.

Physical Traits

Rank: Rookie
Special title:N/A
Group:Trainee (wants to join scouts)  
Job: Cook
Height: 6*4
Weight: 210
Hair Color/Length:black and down to chin
Eye Color: red
Appearance:Sebastian wears his default Trainee clothing for when the practice days come by, he also wears a glove on his right hand even with the clothing which is not allowed but due to the mark he has been allowed to wear the glove. when he is in his Normal life wear clothing he wears a black and white suit with a bow tie, dress shoes which both fit his nice set of hair and another glove on his left hand. for when he is at home he wears a white buttoned up shirt, laced leather shoes, linen pants and of course his glove.  He has a very smooth and sharpened chin making him very handsome just to look at but enough bragging about that his eyebrows sit lightly and steadily on his head and his eyes sits low and very cool and calm working two and fro with his face and lips which sit in a steady and even smile or lined out without a smile.


   Toughness - 4
   Intellect - 7
   Dexterity - 4

Character Information

Likes: Cats: for some reason Sebastian has loved cats way back when he was a child, he has at least a dozen roaming around his flower shop which he runs by himself with no help. if not in the shop he is sitting outside on the bench playing with the cats usually pushing his thumb into their center paw making their claws go around his hand and bite his glove.  

Flowers: He loves the smell of these sweet beings even though they cant feel he treats them so well that they just might feel emotions. It also keeps his mind off all the stress of his other job but at least he can come home to great smells and the soft purr of his cats.

Power: He is not greedy for power but he loves to have some power just knowing what he could do with it makes him giddy but he will not ask for power but instead when he get's the chance to do so he will rip the power right out in front of their noses without them ever noticing.

Dislikes:Dust:He can not stand any type of dust or dirt in his house which he cleans every day as soon as he get's home unless someone is there which he then cleans it after they leave, his house is always clean top to bottom. no matter what the cost.

spiders: it's not so much the being itself but more the way they move just all at the same time it creeps him out but if they are dead he has no problem holding or touching these eight legged animals, he does however love grand daddy long legs.

Trust: After past experiences he has hard time trusting people but he has not had trouble making friends just trust issues which is why he asks most of his friends not to promise him anything because he just doesn't feel right when they say that mainly due to the mark.

Fears: Birds: not all birds but crows and vultures as it reminds him of his child years looking for his family while the crows slowly picked away at his legs and arms and the vultures circling overhead waiting for him to pass out and die to have a meal.

Money:he fears he will be shunned if he takes money from anybody so he simply trades common goods with his customers hopping to get a good egg or maybe a carpet so he gets a fair trade sometimes he takes money only if he has to.

Dogs: not so much the smaller ones but the bigger dogs is what he fears as he was mauled by a great Dane which had turned on him lucky his father had saved him before the walls of wall maria were broke down right after that.

Motivations: Family: his entire family died on the attack of wall Maria by the titans, all of them asked him to carry on and prosper until he died of old age or sickness to live as long as he could and to never give up just because he was the only one who could keep the bloodline going.

Trainer's: they are also like his family instead of being rude or mean to him they keep him up on his feet though by throwing new challenges at him every day such as take down ten or so practice titans Etc. they seem to think he might make it into the scouts if he tries harder if not they think he might make into the garrison.

Books: it is strange yes but every time he thinks about books he thinks of a new adventure that awaits in the pages when he get's back home so he will never stop until no more books are made in his lifetime and if he has to he will make his own books.

Character History

Background: Sebastian pushed and screamed for his dad the dog he had owned as a pet was trying to rip his throat out, next thing he knew his dad had hit the dog and stabbed it to death with his hunting knife Sebastian heard a loud boom and lightning flashed across the sky and all of a sudden a huge titan stood before the walls which stood over fifty meters tall, he was then flung backwards as the titan kicked the walls the wind was so strong he kept going backwards not even having to get a chance to get his balance he was grabbed by a robed man.

The robbed man took him to wall rose before Sebastian smelled a strange substance and drifted slowly into a deep slumber, he awoke to robed people all around him holding daggers and something else it was metal and burning red but of course Sebastian was too young to know what it was, he felt the pokers pressing into his hand and he screamed louder then he ever screamed before it burned and he wanted to go home and all he could feel was pain that he had never felt before....it was loneliness.

Sebastian was took by another robbed man out to the streets where he was forced to ask and beg for food eventually a man came by and took him back to his house Sebastian told him what he had been through and discovered he had been in that place for almost a year and that the mark they had put on him was something they called the mark of the titan and if you were seen with that mark you could be sentenced to death in some areas. so the man gave him a white dress glove and told him to only take the glove off when he took a bath or made food so he would never be discovered.

He then lived with that man before he died Sebastian then found out about the Training program for kids his age, he took this as a chance to get into a better life so he went and they were very mean and rude at first but after a while they grew on him and he decided he wouldn't just work the fields like a poor man he would fight back against the titans and show them that he would not take it any longer for what they caused to him over the past five years.

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Vasquez Dawson


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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Morals (FINISHED)   Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:46 pm

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Sebastian Morals (FINISHED)
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