A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Hunter "Hound" Gorr (Finished)

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PostSubject: Hunter "Hound" Gorr (Finished)   Sun Aug 17, 2014 7:36 pm

Write First and Last Name here

Basic Info

Name: Hunter G.

  • The Norseman: Hunter has long blonde hair stained with blood, he often resembles heroes of Norse mythology, Tyr for example. Tyr is the norse god of war, he has no right hand.
  • Hound: The military police pushes people defenseless around while they're already scared and weak. Hunter doesn't like it, and now that he's within the walls once more he seeks to bring an end to them, a new protector to everything weak within the walls.

Gender: male
Age: 23
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: (try to give us a good explanation on how your character behaves) Example: in battle, serious, happy, hyper, suicidal, loner, evil, etc. Write at least 200 words.)
Hunter is an emotionally unstable man with a lust for battle; on many occasions he has legitimately attacked anyone with little to no reason, or simply being insulted. From being called a freak, to the slightest amount of intimidation from the military (they need to quit trying to push Hunter around. The body count is already at 8 with 3 injured) or even being mislead hate someone for titan knows who. It does not matter how or what you do to shake his psychologically diverse mind, just remember that you try to get near a rabid dog, you get bit. He has displayed several personality traits that could dub him as a psychopath anti-hero, such as higher levels of testosterone (AKA aggression, could be a side effect of being an adolescent), over average intelligence, absolutely no remorse, lacking empathy, and above all a mysterious desire to kill.

Hunter's father was a drunk thug named Krieg, his mother was a dying woman by the name of Isabella, starving to death thanks to malnourished. As a child he attempted to make something of a family between the dying and the drunk, though his mother dyed early on; his father rarely giving hunter any approval despite how much he desired it. Seeing Krieg and Isabella as his adoptive parents, Hunter has never thought about his birth parents, putting an abusive thug as the closest thing he had to a father despite that same father attempted to kill him. It is relatively safe to say that Hunter's insanity, his intense rage, was born after falling into a depression after killing Krieg in self-defense, with only himself left as a reminder of his early life; leaving soldiers to discover Hunter and shove him back into a foster system where his life would only become worse.

Hunter's father, Krieg, was spending every penny he could get on food and booze, which he would give the scraps to Isabella, who in turn gave the scraps to hunter out of pity. Because of Krieg's greed, hunter may have been sold every so often to other thugs for a night, hope you catch the drift here. At a very early age, Hunter suffered injuries from being raped, since then he has developed an aversion to being touched by other men, perhaps extending to homophobia. When Hunter is suddenly touched by another man, he will react violently to the person touching him; it is stated in his military and criminal record that he had ripped a man's hand off for trying to sympathize and or grab his shoulder. It wasn't just being raped that caused his aversion to men, it was the beating, the abuse, and everything else that was caused by Krieg. It was because of Krieg a monster was born inside hunter.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Hunter is his inner monster, which is a psychological manifestation of his inner thinking and what represents his urge to kill and hurt monsters and "bad people" alike. The desire to kill, stemming from which all the torture on an emotional and physical state, the rape, the abuse, all of this from a malnourished childhood, his father going as far as trying to kill hunter (how a 5 year old managed to kill a one-legged fat thug is thanks to a good sword!). Since then, something inside of Hunter has grown, a need to kill and if he doesn't kill for a duration of time, his life becomes unstable, the rest of his personality representing what could be similar to "withdrawal syndrome". His withdraw symptoms of which include violent outbursts of rage random attacks upon anything that breaths in the wrong direction!

Hunter's outer layers of personality, the regret, the longing, the emotional distance, is an insatiable anger and blood lust that cannot hope to be tamed nor satisfied. He's constantly doing battle with himself in order to keep these emotions in check, lest he let his rage win out and he becomes a mindless beast unable to determine friend from foe. The nature of these feelings are clear, his hatred and pain caused by Krieg, his actions, the loss of his second adoptive family to the titans, everything that happened to him, being made to watch any friends he might develop be eaten or exterminated by either the military or the titans, his disgust and loathing for fate itself. His hatred for Gods, titans, and anything resembling them, is considerable. In fact, it has been subtly demonstrated that Guts suffers a kind of dementia brought on by post-traumatic stress. There have been times when he has hallucinated about the dark side of himself, a titan massive and stout resting on its back legs like a dog, possessing almost ordinary skin and enormous sharp hound-like teeth. The fact that the visions of the decaying void-walker appear when he is awake indicate that he might be suffering from a mild form of schizophrenia as the hound-titan has a life of its own and speaks to Hunter as if it is someone else.

Hunter can be satisfied with killing a titan, however his inner self, "The Hound" would feel satisfied with an innocent or anyone else, so much that due to Hunter's psychological delusions, he begins to hallucinate his inner beast, as a representation of his more inhuman feelings. The Hound doesn't care who it is, it just wants a kill...so much that it forgoes the essentials of what he was told by an unknown military man, a man who told Hunter to use his hate and rage to assist the cause against the titans. According to The Hound, the true reason Hunter kills, isn't to fill a gap in his tummy where someone he loved drilled into and left empty, he simply wants to kill. Basically, when any person is on the verge of death, their eyes begin to fade in color, and this is often referred to as the "light going out". This truth is evident in multiple victims, even titans,  "The hound" is a representation at this point of Hunter's internal feelings, he truly does have a love for watching that light vanish.

The Hound is what is inside Hunter, it actively makes him do terrible things. It is the level of darkness and instability in Hunter that can either control him, or be controlled. This "Dark passenger" in hunter's head is always trying to claim him, wanting him to kill everything, but he kept it at bay with a high level of control, and instead of focusing his urges on innocent people, he only used them on the titans. If Hunter somehow became a titan, this may extend to said titan. The hound is not a feeling that has won over Hunter; instead it constantly sits in the dark fueling his urge to kill. Whenever Hunter becomes unable to kill, the beast becomes irritable and near drives him mad because of it. Whenever Hunter hits a strong emotional situation, it springs out to take advantage of the moment and on one occasion forced him to kill a man he knew nothing about. So far, Hunter is in control of this Hound, so much so that he knows who when and what to kill, and to channel it away from the humans.

Hunter's outer layers of personality, the regret, the longing, the emotional distance, is an insatiable anger and blood lust that cannot hope to be tamed nor satisfied. He's constantly doing battle with himself in order to keep these emotions in check, lest he let his rage win out and he becomes a mindless beast unable to determine friend from foe. The nature of these feelings are clear, his hatred and pain caused by Krieg, his actions, the loss of his second adoptive family to the titans, everything that happened to him, being made to watch any friends he might develope be eaten or exterminated by either the military or the titans, his disgust and loathing for fate itself. His hatred for Gods, titans, and anything resembling them, is considerable. In fact, it has been subtly demonstrated that Guts suffers a kind of dementia brought on by post-traumatic stress.

This being said, Hunter suffers from a schizoid personality disorder, which is evident throughout his appearances. He seems to consider himself 'emotionally separated' from the rest of humanity; in his narration, he often refers to "humans" as if he is not one of them. This makes hunter do frequent references to an internal feeling of emptiness, leading to many youthful attempts to "feel alive". He claims to have no feelings or conscience and that all of his emotional responses are part of a well-rehearsed act to conceal his true nature (which is revealed to be incorrect, being that he feels, he just doesn't display it).

When Hunter's inner Hound has caught his victim, it allows him to flow freely with those who he can truly be honest with: those on his kill list. Hunter's already subject to blood lust, getting an intense bestial satisfaction off of killing other people, titans, animals even, almost to the degree that he could be considered somewhat psychotic. He will occasionally grin in such a manner that makes him appear to be a demon and loves the feeling of killing scum. He is energetic in these encounters, smiling and laughing, while questioning his victim's morals and why they do what they do. B-0 originally believes that he cares little for the people around him, but as he has developed as a character, the acts caused by the criminals are very personal; He appears to downright hate the evil in killers that target the innocent (especially children) and takes great pride in wiping them clean off the earth.

He treats the victims as targets that deserve to die and while some he will kill quickly, when it comes to titans he uses traps to detain them and make their pain last. Speaking of titans, Hunter has no regard for self preservation or his own safety around them, nor any concern for his own life, he will go out of his way to kill a titan. At the age of 13 he essentially leaped from the highest vantage point possible to get onto the back of a titan and, as his file states, "Decapitate a titan using an enormous sheet of metal". A wanton desire for destruction towards titans and even humans makes him a dangerous foe, especially since he has no regard for his own safety or life. Anyone around him is guaranteed to become entrapped in the endless battles he is willingly partakes in as he's constantly under attack or attacking.

As far as religion goes, doesn't understand it. He personally never has believed in a higher power, and it has lead him to a disregard of and hatred towards the concept of fate or gods, thinking them to be a twisted entity that manipulates peoples lives like demons, harvesting humanity’s suffering. Nonetheless, his faith has been tested on multiple occasions, yet he never really calls out to a spiritual deity for assistance. He mostly finds it in himself to get out of situations, because these are things that are left within his hands to fix. Hunter refuses to acknowledge the concept that humanity's fate has been pre-determined or previously ordained; he fights against his own as being branded for execution (although, nobody is really looking forward to finding and killing Hunter), and is determined to see the end to titans, even if he ascends to a higher form of monster-hood.

Physical Traits

Rank: Rookie
Group: Garrison
Job: Ex convict, Soldier.

    Hunter considers himself above and beyond the law set by the military and the kingdom, any of the so called "High and mighty" police, the joke of the military, that decide to push people around because they could, are in danger of facing The Hound.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color/Length: Hunter's hair is extremely short and white, spiked into a relatively cute fauxhawk.
Eye Color: Hunter has red eyes.
Appearance:(Describe how your character looks. Make it at least 100 words long. You can also upload a picture to give a better look of your character)
Hunter is a 24 year old male standing at precisely 5'11", seemingly of Germanic heritage, with well-proportioned lean muscle. He has relatively long blonde hair with various bloodstains throughout his long locks, hiding, small expressive crimson eyes. His eyebrows are quite sharp and expressive making him look constantly angry. Hunter's experience in combat and, being that he has spent some time in a dungeon, crazy i might add; has gnawed off his own right hand and even been tortured. This being said he has no right hand and has been covered in scars ever since.

Hunter wears a standard military uniform, consisting of a short, light brown jacket with the badge of the squad on both shoulders, on the front left pocket and on the center of the back, a light-colored shirt, a dark brown sash around the waist covering the hips, white pants, and dark brown knee-high leather boots. He is equipped with standard 3d maneuver gear.

Stats (you start with 15 stat points total which you can fill in yourself. More info on how to earn more stat points o stat skills can be found in rules and information)

  • Toughness - 6
  • Intellect - 4
  • Dexterity - 5

Character Information

Likes: (Please put at least 3 things with each having a good explanation with a total of 50 words for all the likes together)
Girls: Hunter responds overall better than the opposite sex, read his personality and history. He displays some romantic interest in women, although he doesn't display the emotions, he still feels them.
Fire: Number one rule for survival in the wilderness is building a fire to keep warm, Hunter knows this, and he's basically a cave-man. Cave-men and fire go together like titans and them eating people.
Fighting: Killing either titans or people are what Hunter is best at.
Dogs: Hunter himself is basically a man-dog, he loves dogs, and there aren't many around these days. It makes him sad that his hood and some of his pelts are actually from some of the canines he's killed and been forced to eat to survive.
Dark places: He finds himself at home in dark places where nobody can find him.

Dislikes: (Same as with likes)
Abuse: Hunter's history basically consists of him being verbally, physically, and psychologically abused, even going as far as being sold to another man for a night simply for booze money. By sold, i hope you know what i mean.
Titans: They ate all of his friends, he hates them more than he hates his adoptive father.
Daylight: Hunter and daylight dont mix well.
The military police: He quotes "The Military Police Brigade is supposed to be an elite unit made of the most skilled soldiers due to its rigorous standards. The reality though, is a lazy, corrupt system that benefits from the powers granted to it. They hide and jerk themselves in the safety of a castle whereas I go and fight everything head first!" ~ Hunter prior to becoming a silent feral man.  They're basically a bunch of pansy jackasses.
Cats: Hunter doesn't like cats, they're a bunch of pansy know-it-all that make fun of peop-. Okay yes, Hunter compares them as the animal equivalent to the Military police.

Fears: (Same as with likes)
Hurting the innocent: Hunter has a vow, even if he's feral he remembers it. Never to harm an innocent person, ever.
Emotional distance: Hunter himself is extremely emotionally distant, although he does want to feel again. He is afraid he might fall further and become like the titans, only human sized.
Bright lights: Hunter has a fear of the sun, sunlight is what gives some titans life-force.

Motivations: (Same as with likes)
"To protect and serve": Hunter may be a psycho, but he is a hero at the core. So long as there are human lives to protect, he will protect the helpless, the military police however. The human world's safety against whatever evil forces they are unaware of, and even protect them from themselves.
Living: Hunter refuses to die an ordinary death, or any death. The fact he keeps on walking after taking a blow to the psyche or even the removal of an arm, he wont stop. That says something about him, he will forge a path beyond death for others to follow him until every last titan and corrupt bastard is destroyed.
Ridding the world of evil: Hunter wants to eradicate all signs of corruption in the world, and to kill the majority of things that say there isn't any corruption (Military police, they are dead.)

Character History

In an incredibly unusual and grotesque way of coming into this world, Hunter was released from his mother's womb sometime after she was executed for treason. Surviving the removal of her head without any physical damage done to his body (released from her by tearing through her womb and stomach), Hunter lay apparently dead until a local party of thugs lead by Krieg, this party arrived at the scene to discover the child. Krieg's lover Isabella (having previously lost her own child) quickly scoops up the newborn infant into her arms and cradles him to life, surprising everyone around. Of course, several other thugs make observations of a possible curse that would fall upon them for taking this forsaken child, which becomes a reality with Isabella's death at the hand of a terrible disease and ultimately Krieg's own undoing at the hands of Hunter at the age of five.

Because of the event of how Hunter was born, this event foreshadows his entire life: bloodstained and with many disturbing things to come his way. After Isabella was gone, Krieg became cold, unforgiving, he blamed Hunter for everything that went wrong, even Isabella's death. Krieg's negative emotions would build, his greed would affect Hunter in a way that would be by all terms, permanent. The fact he would be abused later off in life after being thrown in the foster system would make it even worse, but that isn't the worst part.

One night, a man named Donovan came by into the house and walked straight past Krieg when he was in a drunk and stupid, leaving a bag of coins for the dumb drunk adoptive thug daddy to buy more booze so it could happen again, and again. Donovan raped Hunter, its as plane and simple as that. When morning came the five year old went to his father crying for help, and that father went ahead and told him with no hesitation, he sold him to Donovan for a night. Just so the bastard could get some more booze money that wouldn't last a day, up until Hunter had a mental break and decapitated the first man in a list of a hundred, his father lost one customer, and then the rest when the "message" got across to the corrupt pervs in the Military Police.

A terrible childhood, the events of which included his reluctantly being adopted by the first unnamed band of thugs, the leader named Krieg at behest of his lover Isabella, followed by Hunter's physical and psychological abuse that would build up until Krieg finally sold Hunter to various thugs and soldiers with a sick "passion" for kids, just so he could have more booze money. Hunter was born from his biological mother's decaying body, but that wasn't his true birth. A hate would build, the kind of emotion that would drive a man to kill everything in his wake, it was when the hound was born did Hunter finally become a person.

A desire to kill was born, that his desire to kill others in combat can be traced here. Hunter's childhood and adolescence was turbulent, from being picked off the streets and captured after supposedly killing three titans at the age of 12 with a sword weighing roughly 100 pounds, after the first three he used stolen Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, the military captured and tricked Hunter into choosing a punishment where they would abuse and use his skills on the field as a member of the survey corps, particularly a special ops group nicknamed "The dogs", a fitting name since Hunter was becoming the hound.

5 years consisted of a pre-teen Hunter joining and departing the Dogs. It was with The Dogs hunter gained his first friend, the leader of team. Thaddeus won Hunter's support upon defeating him twice, instating him as the Raid Leader of the Dogs to fall in and distract and dispose of titans while the team could acquire more supplies. For those five years, Hunter befriended the various other members of the band. Hunter, with assistance he managed to acquire a kill-streak consisting of assists and

After Thaddeus was captured and consumed by the titans, Hunter was visited by the "Hound", the dark manifestation of Hunter's mind who called him the "Struggler" and predicted the destruction of the Pack. This omen was still unclear to Hunter, leaving him with questions that his little mind alone could not answer. It was because of these questions hunter was forced to leave, and then return from a mountain village only to hear about the remaining forces of the pack, a measly two members remaining. He managed to save one of them until getting blind-sided by a titan, and soon the remaining team was gone, after which he lost the remaining strand of sanity that could define him as a human being.

At the age of 19 hunter abandoned and then returned to the city where he was put on trial for abandoning his post. The loss of all of his friends, and now he was facing charges that would only result in his execution. They tried to get as much use out of Hunter before he was executed, whether it be torturing him for information simply to see where he was, sending him on patrols with the pathetic and abusive military police, or functioning as an executioner to try and see if there was a shred of a spark left in him.

Hunter's rope of sanity was nothing more than a thread by the time they were done with him. By then his visions of the hound suddenly took over him and he was forced to act on instinct, where he killed countless soldiers simply for the slightest amount of intimidation. For another year and a half hunter killed, pillaged, and essentially did as he pleased until the military finally got hold of him and imprisoned him. A 20 year old dubbed too dangerous for society was imprisoned for his crimes where his body, which was at its physical peak, would degrade, in an attempt to escape he literally gnawed his own right arm off like a wild dog stuck in a trap. Hunter returned to a malnourished state in a dungeon too weak to carry on, later falling into a coma and was placed in medical care where the court "Pardoned" him due to abuse inflicted by the military police.

Hunter, as his threat level declined to that of a 15 year old boy with no military training thanks to his catatonic state of body and mind, was forgotten about by whatever may have threatened him. What happened to him after becoming a vegetable (metaphorically speaking), is debatable, what is known he simply woke up one night and walked outside without any memory of who he was or is. Simply the faint lust for blood and violence, including a hate for everything in uniform.


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PostSubject: Re: Hunter "Hound" Gorr (Finished)   Sun Aug 17, 2014 7:37 pm

If it would be possible, could i make Hunter into a titan shifter? Take your time to respond.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter "Hound" Gorr (Finished)   Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:19 pm

Just a few minor hang-ups and questions:

1.) You've survived 200 encounters with titans (assuming that they vary from 3m to 15m), and you only lost an arm and received some minor injuries.  This could be considered inhumanely impossible given your current stats and regardless of your characters mental background.

2.) You took down a few titans with your bare hands. I don't think that this would be possible with using a blade.  And like I said before, I'm sure that out of these 200 titans that most of them were of inhuman height.

3.) I didn't see this anywhere else in the profile, but in the Extras section you said that you lost your right arm.  However, in the bio you claim that you lost your left arm.  Was this a typo? Or did you lose both arms? .__.

4.) This app is a little too inhuman for me lol, but I'm not sure how everyone would take it so I'll be asking another mod or admin for assistance.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter "Hound" Gorr (Finished)   Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter "Hound" Gorr (Finished)   

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Hunter "Hound" Gorr (Finished)
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