A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Here are some helpful links if you want to read the manga.

Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Arden George

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PostSubject: Arden George   Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:30 pm

Arden George

Basic Info

Name: Arden Lydian George
Nickname: Arden
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Arden reflects upon many things. He observes the things that other people do, and he stares. A lot. It's easy for Arden to get embarrassed because he's pretty clumsy. And sometimes he will swear and/or curse. A lot. But Arden will talk if you give him a reason to. He doesn't usually speak otherwise, and he doesn't eat much either. Arden can be nice, and funny as well. Although, he doesn't always say things up to volume for others to hear. Which is probably for the better. But he's a good friend to have.
Physical Traits

Rank: Rookie
Group: Survey Corpse
Job: N/A
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 Lbs.
Hair Color/Length: Loose curly hair with dark brown highlights. He has a crew cut like style with curls that hang over the start of his forehead.
Eye Color: Bold, light blue eyes.
Appearance: His left ear is pierced and he has specks of freckles on his cheeks and nose. His nose is thin but has a button like tip. Arden's cheeks have a naturally light blush and his skin tone is a light cream color, almost a pastel tan. He wears a dark purple and long sleeved v-neck underneath his uniform. Arden has dimples when he smiles and pretty straight teeth. He has thin lips and eyebrows that are a bit darker than his hair color. He has full lashes and round eyes, along with rounded ears. And his slight build appears as a healthy slim, but not skinny.


  • Toughness - 7
  • Intellect - 6
  • Dexterity - 4

Character Information

Arden likes to race, and he runs for fun all of the time. He is very energetic and loves to do back flips and all sorts of cartwheels, somersaults, aerials, you name it. Arden likes whistling all of the time, which is more of a habit. And he likes to climb trees and sleep.
Dislikes: Arden dislikes being as clumsy as he is, and he dislikes having to sit in one place for a very long time. He dislikes it when people stare at him, even though he does it to everyone else. He dislikes it when people scream for absolutely no reason, or wake him up just to do so.
Fears: Arden dislikes horses, and is terrified of them to a certain degree due to a childhood experience. He fears titans but he'll never show it and usually lets out his anger while fighting them. He also fears that he'll get the crap knocked out of him for saying something rude, so he tries not to talk back or mumble as often as he does.
Motivations: Arden is motivated by the companions and friends that he sees fighting beside him. To know that he's not the only one fighting for a cause really builds him up. He takes his mistakes and learns from them, sometimes, and knows that he's got a family rooting for him back at home. Arden's certain that the titans will leave someday, or some sort of peace will occur.

Character History

Background: Arden has a younger brother named Anthony whom is six. And his parents are living happily in Wall Rose with little fear of Titans. He writes to his family sometimes and reads their letters when he can. Arden became a soldier because he wanted to protect his family. He had seen and heard of many disasters, and he didn't want his family to have to experience any of it so he enlisted. Even though Arden enlisted without the permission of his parents they let him deal with his actions, and they are glad that Arden still keeps in touch. Arden has gotten through a lot of conflicts by not only running his smart mouth, but by accomplishing the goals ahead of him that he wants to accomplish, no matter what anybody told him. He never gave up, and through out training, and battle, and even working with some of the companions he fights with to this day; He didn't doubt himself. He did get hurt many times, but he still got up, and he listened to the wise when he thought it really deemed as necessary, or was tired of consequences. He became a lot more quiet, and his soon decreased with time. Other than the glass half full, Arden did have a very hard time getting through every single course because of his responses to officials and often language he would use whenever he messed up or accidentally hurt someone else. He was extremely quiet then, but when he didn't like something he used to clearly let the person know. Now, not so much. Arden still despises horses, something that may never change; but he's not as terrified of them as he once was. He had to get over the idea that he could die at any given time, and remember that the real challenge would be if his intention would be for the better, and his purpose for dying would be a noble cause to help humanity. He had to swear to devote himself to the justice of mankind, and actually try to make a difference. He knew that, otherwise, such a fight would be in vain. He was a prick at times, and he would test the patience of others, but it did make him stronger in some way. And his reputation arose from a negative view. He seemed to care about others more, devote himself to fighting more, respect his officers more, but most of all, he'd found himself. And was sure that fighting titans was something he wanted to do. So he pushed through all of his courses and he soon made it. Arden was always very clumsy, and he has gotten a little better at not breaking things. He was great with his 3d-maneuver gear, and a very fast runner. But Arden had to learn quickly to keep his opinions on the down low as much as possible and keep his head high when he didn't feel like it in order to fight titans. His family now supports him and Arden has been fighting as a soldier ever since.
Extras: N/A
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Arden George
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