A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Fanfic Snippet [Warning, blood/gore/violence]

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Rogue Jaeger


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PostSubject: Fanfic Snippet [Warning, blood/gore/violence]   Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:08 pm


Hello everyone I decided to share with you one of my favorite scenes from an AoT fanfic I've been working on for some time now entitled Where does one end and the other Begin? The title is actually a reference to the recent-ish remake of the Wolfman movie during which the final line spoken in the movie is Its said there is no sin in killing a beast. Only in killing a man. But where does one end and the other begin? A testament in the movie to humanity's brutal nature and how they are perhaps just as dangerous as any beast. I found this nature fitting for the idea I had in mind to write.

Now just as the title to this thread stats there is a Warning for Gore, Blood, and Violence. I have placed this here for the sake of others incase they are not comfortable with particularly large amounts of said material. Fight and kill scenes are a type of scene I enjoy writing immensely as I feel I am able to showcase the truth strength possessed by the characters involved. It shows their nature to the core that even though highly intelligent and smart as a tack, they still cannot escape their basic instincts and urges, trapped between the world of humanity and the world of monsters.

For this particular story I have changed certain characters around....a lot. This story centers around Jaeger, a beast type sentient titan. Now Jaeger is actually my rendition of Eren's own Titan form if it were separate from him and truly sentient. It's the titan without the human. Now I did change him up with the beast parts to only further increase the sense of monster as opposed to man, Jaeger possessing many animal like qualities and physical traits. From massive fangs to claws on his hands and feet, the ability to move easily on all fours or walk up right, a long tail for balance and animal like legs/feet. I also increased him in size from a 15meter class to a 25 meter class.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Jaeger aside from the fact he is sentient is the fact he is a titan...which devours other titans. He is a titan's titan so to speak. Jaeger does not run off sunlight and instead has a fully functional digestive system, thus must eat to survive. I gave him a special enzyme in his saliva which prevents titan flesh from dissolving too quickly once removed from the rest of the body. It also hinders the regeneration aspect by preventing the titan from healing back together too quickly. This is designed to allow Jaeger's body ample time to digest and extract nutrients from the titans he devours.

So without further babbling on I give you the snippet I promised in the following post. Its very long so that is why I did not include it in this same post. Please feel free to leave comments, advice, suggestions, etc!^^ Enjoy my twisted rendition!

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Rogue Jaeger


Posts : 41
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Age : 27
Location : Wandering

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PostSubject: Re: Fanfic Snippet [Warning, blood/gore/violence]   Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:14 pm

Right ear twitched, cranium snapping around in the direction of a noise. It wasn't something easily detected but Jaeger heard it loud and clear. Tilting his head to the side he closed his eyes, blocking out all other sensory input. Right ear twitched again as he constricted the muscles, lowering his left ear for a moment before flicking his auds in reverse positions; he was working to triangulate the sound. Eyes flew open, his guard instinctively flying up. Not even giving a glance in the direction his new companion had left in Jaeger quickly swiped away the drawing he made in the dirt, obviously not wanting anyone else to happen across it.

Closing his eyes once again he thrust his head into an oncoming gust of wind, inhaling deeply through his nose as he scented the air. Ears pinned back against his skull, face screwing up into an expression of rage. Eyes narrowed, pupils constricting into vertical slits the beast forced himself to all fours, crouched in a position as if he were about to spring forward. Monstrous jaws parted a deep growl resonating in his throat. There were other titans several miles off and Jaeger was not at ALL thrilled with the bastards entering into his new territory. Glancing out of the corner of his eye once again in the direction Lalan had left Jaeger momentarily wrestled with the prospect of what he should do. Another growl issued from his midsection, his stomach twisting itself over in knots; his choice was clear now, he'd rectify this problem himself.

Craning his head back the male sniffed at the air once again, great chest swelling as he committed the scents to memory. There were four all together, each one with its own distinct odor....well this was a little disappointing....Jaeger was actually able to tell the size class of the titan's from the sound of their stride. Each class had its own unique gait to its walk or run. Even if the limbs were disproportionate to the torso the weight of the titans barely changed with a same size class. Larger titans had distinct heavy foot-falls with either a short quick step or a lengthy pounding whilst the smaller titans were known for what could only be described as a scrambling almost monkey or ape like gait, their center of gravity often unbalanced thus causing their foot-falls to be at random.

The four Jaeger detected were all on the smaller side, none of them being above a 7 meter class. Well it might not be much of a glorious battle but hell it meant Jaeger was going to have himself a half decent meal! Almost effortlessly the beast dislocated his shoulders with a rather sickening pop. They slid down or rather appeared to almost be pulled by an extra set of muscle and tendons until they locked into the secondary set of shoulder-blades upon the upper sides of his ribcage. Collarbone collapsed forward into a distinctly keel like design, elongated wrists snapping as a secondary set of joints locked together, changing his stance and center of gravity. The beast stretched himself, arching his back the sound of the vertebra cracking as they changed position, loosening up to allow for a greater spring like action while running. Hips cracked into a different position as he centered his weight.

Spinning on the balls of those paw-like feet Jaeger took off in the opposite direction he sensed the titans from. His intentions were clear, he was going to circle around his prey and attack from behind, making use of one of the oldest tricks in the book. Muscles moved with little effort, gliding together seamlessly under his skin. He wasn't moving too quickly for fear he might give his position away should he become reckless. Instead the beast moved at what could have been described as a trot, all four limbs moving quickly but independently of one another. Jaeger took careful consideration as to where and how he placed his limbs on the fly, careful not to step on anything that would cause a loud enough sound for him to be heard let alone create a mini earthquake as he moved. Head was kept low as he continued to scent along the ground. The closer he drew the noose about his prey the quicker his steps became, excitement coursing through his veins!

He needed to be smart about this. As much as the male would have LOVED to dive head long into the small pack of vermin Jaeger knew the sounds of a prolonged struggle would only succeed in drawing more titans to the scene.  No, the male had to think with his head and not his emotions, or stomach for that matter. Of course achieving the latter had always been a bit of a hard task for him in the past but now he actually had a reason not to do so. Slinging his body so low to the ground his underside was almost touching Jaeger's paced changed. The behavior was identical to a cat stalking a mouse.

They were close now, so very close! Slipping into an outer line of trees upon the edge of a forest the massive titan used this to his advantage, working to hide himself from sight and keeping downwind. Golden eyes trained forward, each step taken was acutely placed, falling eerily silent for something of his size. It was a rather unnerving aspect he could be this quiet. Through the trees the male could see his first target, the straggler of the group idly milling about, completely oblivious to the fact its pitiful existence was about to earn itself one final and grim purpose.

Jaeger inched forward and still the 4 meter class had no clue it was being hunted! The clouds shifted, temporarily blotting out the sun, casting a lengthy shadow across the area. The monster saw his opening and took it. Lower jaw unhinged itself, mouth stretching open to easily twice the size it normally was! Rearing up the last thing the 4 meter ever saw was the crimson interior of the saliva coated maw before its vision went black. Jaeger engulfed the entire top half of his prey, jaws clamping shut tightly about the waist of the 4 meter. He regulated the pressure of his bite, squeezing just enough to hold his meal in place yet not enough to break the skin and cause blood to spurt forth. He was still attempting to avoid alerting the three remaining titans to his presence. Spilling blood would have ended his game immediately.

Tongue coiled itself about the frantic creature, its legs kicking violently but looking strangely funny dangling outside of the 25 meter's jaws. Tilting his head back he gave a single hard thrash, snapping the 4 meter's spine, temporarily paralyzing it. Giving a light huff Jaeger reclined for a moment upon his haunches as he threw his head back again, letting off the pressure of his bite, re-adjusting the position on his prey. Another toss of his head and he apparently managed to settle it where he desired. Now came the interesting part.

Using his tongue he curled it about the upper torso of his prey, dragging it further back into his mouth until he felt the smaller titan's head pressing against the back of his throat. He shifted his lower jaw side to side, working a bit more of his prey's body in. The muscles of his esophagus grabbed hold of the titan's head and in a rhythmic motion Jaeger worked them to force the body of his prey down. He swallowed a few times the process a bit slow at first, working to get just the right angle without cutting off his own air supply.

His throat had distended a little, a slight bulge presenting itself as the body of his prey was forced deeper. Tongue slithered out from between his jaws, ensnaring itself about the twitching legs of the 4 meter, holding onto it tightly. He gave another swallow and felt the entire first half of his prey now filling his throat. Jaeger jerked his head to the side violently, muscles convulsing and a dull but grotesque squelching sound resonated from him. He'd just constricted his esophagus so tightly he'd crushed the upper torso of the titan, effectively popping it. At once he felt the boiling hot rush of blood coursing down his throat, internal organs now spilling forth and with one final gulp he downed the entire thing.

Blowing out a cloud of steam Jaeger licked his teeth before gathering himself to his feet and beginning another stalking session after the remaining titans.

It did not take long before the monster was upon his prey again, moving with an almost unnatural grace granting the illusion of melding through the forest rather than walking. No sound issues from his stride, the beast moving quickly upon all fours, not once missing a step, allowing his senses to lead him to the prize at the end of the rainbow. Blood lust brewed within his veins, boiling just beneath the surface. The 4 meter had done nothing to quell his gluttony, instead only serving to spike his appetite further. Albeit it wasn't exactly a surprise seeing how large the beast was. It was blatantly evident now it would take more than a few dozen neo-titans to satisfy this monstrosity!

Jaws parted, serpent like tongue presenting itself as it lolled out of the beast's maw practically dripping with anticipation of the next kill! Stopping short the male took a sharp turn to the right before plastering himself to the ground. Muscles twitched, coiling within his limbs, building themselves for an explosive attack. Front limbs shifted, hands splaying apart for a wider stance. This was going to be it!

Jaeger launched himself forward, leaping over the brush he was half hiding behind. Everything seemed to move as if in slow motion, hands hitting the ground first, lifting off the second those massive back feet touched down, powerful muscles releasing their second wave of energy, his form surging forward, jaws agape, claws out stretched! Jaeger came crashing down on his target, the 8 meter class, knocking it clean over, talons instinctively sinking up to the lances deep within its flesh. He felt his jaws closing over the unfortunate titan's skull, the sensation of those massive canines plunging themselves up to the gums in flesh, bone cracking so easily under the power of his bite. Blood drenched the interior of his maw, cascading down his throat, the warm spurt was felt as he realized gray matter had struck his tongue. He'd completely crushed his prey's skull! Jaeger hung there, transfixed for the briefest of moments as to what he'd done.

Gaze traveled down claws were wrapped about the titan's upper body, nailing its limbs to its sides, preventing a struggle. Jaws were shut tightly over the creature's neck, even though he had felt his canines pierce right through the spinal column, effectively severing the head from the neck, he did not let go. Instinct kicked in, Jaeger swallowing the mouthful he had. The taste wasn't what he'd been expecting, he thought it would have been a little more...repulsive; considering he just had brain matter explode all over his tongue! Turns out it didn't really have a flavor, the only thing he could taste was the strangely sweet blood of this particular titan.

Jaws parted, interior of his mouth dyed a crimson red, the stolen life essence spilling from his maw, strings of it clinging to his lower mandible, saliva dripping from those horrendous fangs. Rather than withdraw, the beast instead bit down once again upon the neck of his prey and in one swift motion, crushed its torso causing an explosion of blood! Several internal organs were forced up through the hole where the head had once been, the substance shooting down his throat!

To say it was a morbid picture was putting it nicely, Jaeger looked not unlike a child who was attempting to crush and slurp up the remains of yogurt from a straw. Bones cracked and crunched under his hands, the male increasing the pressure of his grip as he further constricted the titan's body. The method to his madness was quickly revealed as his jaws parted again to allow more of his prey's form to slide within. He was attempting to wring it down to a small enough size to swallow whole! So far it seemed to be working.

Somehow managing to smirk through his meal Jaeger's confidence grew as he now eagerly took to the method. Jaws worked easily over his prey, walls of his esophagus gripping the blood drenched carcass and pulling it further downwards. Quickly he let go with both hands and threw his head back, jaws parting one last time, a final hard swallow serving to consume his prey completely.

Jaeger stood, panting slightly with the effort, vision traveling to his blood sodden hands. He turned them over several times, seeming almost transfixed by the sight of the glossy red liquid having matted itself upon his skin. Tongue snaked out from between those lethal jaws, now working itself over his hide, grooming himself.
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Fanfic Snippet [Warning, blood/gore/violence]
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