A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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 Rp Snippet Favorite Scenes [blood/gore/violence]

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Rogue Jaeger


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PostSubject: Rp Snippet Favorite Scenes [blood/gore/violence]   Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:16 pm


Hello again everyone! This time I return to you with another snippet, this one from an RP I did awhile ago with a good friend of mine over Skype. Yes the fact some of these replies are as long as they are and were typed on Skype is a little insane. But, trust me to test the character limits of Skype!

In this rp my friend plays the part of Hanji and Levi while I play Jaeger and help control any other characters needed. Now the foundation of this rp is that Eren Yeager never existed but instead the Titan Jaeger does. He is sentient, smart, and above all else he dislikes other Titans and hunts them. Hanji encounters him and after some rather lengthy study she returns to HQ to inform Commander Erwin of her mind blowing discovery. Erwin decides this is worth seeing for himself and he returns with Hanji and Levi to meet this so called Sentient Titan.

Upon arrival they discover said Titan has under gone a change, a physical growth spurt to be exact. He's become more beast like and distinctly larger. As Hanji states from 15 to 25 meters. Erwin orders further study and they come to realize this Titan not only kills other Titans but devours them to keep itself alive.

This following snippet contains myself and my friends posts, and a rather unusual event that occurs upon stumbling upon a rather erratically behaving 4 meter titan. Again this post is rated for blood, gore, violence, and some other unsightly and reactions from another human.
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Rogue Jaeger


Posts : 41
Join date : 2015-07-31
Age : 27
Location : Wandering

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PostSubject: Re: Rp Snippet Favorite Scenes [blood/gore/violence]   Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:44 pm

Jaeger:Snarling lowly he whipped around, ready to pounce only to stop short, a completely bewildered expression plastered upon his blood stained features. A 4 meter titan came stumbling out of the trees, swinging its arms wildly as it thrashed about as though under attack by an invisible enemy. Eyes bulged from is skull, the creature completely ignoring Jaeger's presence as it literally threw itself against a large tree.

Curiosity kicked in, Jaeger reaching out with a tentative hand before roughly snatching the 4 meter brute about the waist. Bringing it to eye level the male swept the bastard over with a half murderous glare. The thing clawed helplessly at his fingers, harsh and shallow breaths streaming from its gaping mouth. Narrowing his eyes Jaeger jabbed the titan unceremoniously with a finger, the creature wheezing and gasping for breath. Using his free hand the male pushed the smaller titan's head back, forcing its mouth all the way open to look inside. The thing was actually choking but on what?! Eyebrows shot up onto his forehead the moment he saw what was going on. There was a human crammed into the back of the 4 meter's throat! Ha! The stupid thing had actually bitten off more than it could swallow!

Shoving his pointer finger into the distended mouth of the 4 meter Jaeger managed to hook the tip of his claw upon the human's jacket and with a tug the prey slid out. Well that was a sight you didn't see every day! Holding the human in his hand it was obvious to the beast this human was far too portly to have been successfully swallowed whole by the 4 meter. Seems as though its eyes were bigger than it mouth! To Jaeger's absolute astonishment the human was still alive! The portly man gave a drawn out moan, hand going to his saliva strewn face, attempting to wipe away the grime. Opening his eyes the first thing he saw was the 25 meter class beast staring at him him utter disbelief.

The man's eyes grew as wide as saucers and the next thing Jaeger knew his nose was assaulted by a most horrific stench! Jerking his head back the beast immediately thrust the human in his hand out to arm's length away, eyes shut tight and his nose wrinkled in absolute disgust as he shook his head, tongue trailing out of his mouth in revulsion! Seems as though the shock of being yanked out of the throat of a 4 meter titan only to find himself in the grasp of a 25 meter titan caused the man to loose all control over his bodily functions, effectively pissing and shitting himself all at once before passing out cold in Jaeger's palm.

Grumbling the beast gingerly placed the human upon the ground, nudging him away with a finger, Jaeger still repulsed by what just happened! Cringing he glanced around before laying sight upon a small stream. Immediately he stuck his hand into the water, attempting to rise off the human's bodily mess. Gross!

Hanji: Did Jaeger just pull a human out of that titan? .... He did! We need to get them out of there.

Levi: .... -he nodded, and the two of them started down the hill to Jaeger-

Hanji: -once they get to the poor man she hops off and goes over to him- Are you alright sir?

-the man just stares off into the distance, shaking and hyperventilating-

Hanji: ..... -sniffs- ... Oh.

Levi: He shit himself, didn't he? .... He's not getting on my horse. Have fun with that, Hanji. I'll watch your back in the meantime.

Hanji: Ohh lord. -she tugs at the man's slimy arm- Come on, sir, we'll get you back to base.

Jaeger: The beast had inched away from the repulsive slime ball strewn upon the ground that was the pathetic creature he'd just saved. Of all the things that could have possibly bothered the titan, being shit on by a human probably hadn't ranked anywhere near the top! Then again it wasn't all that strange, he wasn't some dumb animal after all. Given his acute sense of smell coupled in with the knowledge Jaeger knew exactly what those body fluids were only served to disgust him. For a creature that had been revealing in his earlier twisted games of killing other titans, literally squeezing their internal organs out of them, this shouldn't have bothered him as much as it did. Seems as though the male had something else in common with Levi he was yet to be made fully aware of. He really didn't take well to 'shit happening.'

Eying the human the beast gave a snort not unlike a horse growing agitated with its rider. Head snapped around, watching as Hanji and Levi stepped in to deal with this problem. Shaking his head once more he gave a rather exasperated roll of his eyes in response to the human's blank stare as he only continued to lay in his own filth. Grumbling the titan only scooted himself back further, not at all pleased with the smell. Attention was caught by a fallen tree branch. At once he snatched it up, holding it between his fingers not unlike how he'd seen Hanji holding a pencil. Craning his neck a bit the male inched the branch forward until he was able to prod the human in the side. The unknown male's response was nothing short of hilariously terrible.

Consciousness returned to the flabbergasted man. Blinking he shook his head as he reached up to rub at his eyes. His view was immediately filled by a stunning sight and for a moment the fat fucker thought he'd died and gone to heaven! Kneeling by his side was one of the most striking women he had ever seen! From her flawless skin to the amber red hair drawn back and sticking out at odd angles, the glasses like goggles adorning her face and the rather cute nose she gazed at him with such concern. It was only then he took notice of the half dried saliva coating her form. He HAD to have been imagining it! It was just a living nightmare produced by the frantic firing of neurons in his brain as he was sure he was about to die, to be swallowed whole by a titan only to rot inside its stomach! There was no giant titan, only this stunning woman! She must have slayed the beast and pulled him out of its mouth before it had a chance to swallow him.

Before Hanji could even react she would find herself crushed against the saliva laden flabby chest of the man; thick arms having affixed themselves around her shoulders only to plaster her against his stinking form as he hugged her for dear life and now sobbing hysterically into the top of her head. “OH THANKYOU! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!” He shook the poor scientist back and forth as he flopped over onto his back again, rolling around in his own mess which he appeared to be completely oblivious to having lost control of his bodily functions earlier. “Oh my angel you saved me! I don't know where you came from but you saved me from a horrible fate!” One of his disgusting hands was now stroking the side of her face.

Jaw dropped open, Jaeger staring on in a mixture of complete horror and shock as this human took hold of Hanji without her permission and began rolling around on the ground sobbing. What...just...WHAT?! The beast was so taken aback he temporarily forgot about the 4 meter titan clasped in his left hand, the sack of meat slowly regenerating from his earlier assault. He didn't realize it but the male was subconsciously tightening his grip about the 4 meter, causing the pressure in its body to rise, its eyes starting to bulge from the strain of having most of its blood forced into the upper section of its torso. Slowly Jaeger closed his jaw, eyes narrowing and he could feel his own blood starting to boil with a new found kind of rage.

The hand gripping the 4 meter titan began to shake and with a sickening crack followed by a high pressured wet spurt he effectively popped the titan like a tick! Boiling hot blood streamed down over his fist still clenching the titan's remains, teeth grinding together. He did NOT like the fact this human was being so physical with Hanji and the longer it continued the more enraged he became. Realizing he still held the branch in his left hand Jaeger snarled threateningly, poking the fat human in the side hard enough to cause him to yelp, attention snapping 'round to what had caused this pain. The minute the man's eyes laid themselves upon the 25 meter titan they threatened to pop right out of his skull! Squealing like a pig being slaughtered the man shuffled backwards on his rear with surprising speed, dragging Hanji with him, the smell of piss and shit intensifying as he lost all control of his bodily functions again.

Levi: -his reaction was almost as severe as Jeager's- -the short man hopped down off his horse, and grabbed the collar of Hanji's jacket, yanking her away from the disgusting man- Get a hold of yourself, you fucking idiot. You don't thank people by smearing them with shit. Get yourself cleaned up and we'll think about taking you back.

Hanji: -gets to her feet and staggers off, stunned by the stench- Oh, lord. -she felt bad for the guy, but dragging her into it was just too much-

Jaeger: If Levi had the ability, or rather if he lacked the personal restraint to re-frame himself from doing so, the titan would not have put it past the little male that he would have popped the fat human's head clean off his filthy shoulders! Regardless the Corporal's words did little to phase the frantic man who only continued to scream his lungs out for the next thirty seconds before he found himself with no more air in which to do so. Chest heaved rapidly, the man shaking uncontrollably as he curled himself into a ball, arms wrapped about his knees, drawing them to his chest as best he could given his fat stomach. Tears streamed from his eyes, making him look all the more pathetic like some over-grown baby bawling for its mother.

Jaeger cringed at the piercing cry of the human, shrinking back he shook his head, eyes slamming shut in agony. What the fucking hell was wrong with this bastard?! Why the hell wouldn't he shut up!? The titan had eaten things that didn't complain as much as this! Snarling the beast jabbed the human again with the branch, rolling him over and pushing him across the ground a few yards, nudging him away from Hanji and Levi let alone himself. Breath caught in the human's throat, eyes bugging out of his skull! Jaeger blinked and the next thing he knew the fat bastard was on his feet with surprising speed and bolted blindly forward. He could have cared less if the human ran off, at least it would mean no longer having to put up with his horrid wailing or disgusting stench. But just as the male began to reveal in the pleasant thought the next thing he heard was a scream followed by the sound of two bodies colliding hard with the forest floor.

Golden eyes went wide, gazing in utter disbelief as the man had run head long into Hanji, knocking her clean off her feet and was gripping onto her for dear life, save for this time he was cowering behind her. Struggling for breath and with sweat pouring down the sides of his face the man was trembling so violently it was amazing he was still able to stand! Jaeger only continued to glower angrily at the man his jaws parting halfway as steam began to pour from the corners of his mouth a deep growl ebbing away in his throat. He made a move forward only to be stopped dead in his tracks by a sight he had seen so many times before and yet it never hit home like this. In a raging fit of sheer terror the man screamed a sound so inhuman it was a wonder as to how it could have possibly came from him! With a harsh thrust he literally threw Hanji into the dirt before Jaeger, meaning to sacrifice her in hopes of escaping the titan.

How....how could this human possibly...even THINK of turning on his own kind just to save his sorry ass?! Jaeger snapped, literally. Throwing the branch clutched in his left hand to block the man's route of escape the next thing the human would see was the beast's outstretched fingers closing in around him. He was back in the titan's massive palm and was now staring eye to eye with the monster, whimpering pathetically. Rage burned within those golden eyes, pupils vertical slits, holding the human in a stare so intense it seemed as if he was attempting to cause the human to burst into flames just by looking at him! If looks could kill, his certainly would have!

Head drew back, jaws parting a blast of hot air and steam washing over the human held in his grasp. Primal scream tore from his throat, an earth shattering sound that could only be described as a mixture of different animal war cries all mixed into one with the volume amplified a thousand times over! Jaeger roared right in the human's face, forcing him to withstand the full blast of his pent up rage! Strands of saliva flew from his gaping maw, smacking the man upside the face.

The thunderous sound ceased, Jaeger having used up the air within his lungs, unable to continue. Breathing in he glanced to the man he held, the fat shit having passed out again, this time foaming at the mouth. Snorting and flicking his ears back Jaeger dumped the man unceremoniously upon the ground then wiping his hand on the grass. Turning his attention towards his companions the beast lowered his head to the ground so at to get a better look at the two of them. Levi was certainly pissed and Hanji was a mixture of feeling judging from her estranged scent. Whimpering softly the beast scooped Hanji up between his fingers then set her down in the nearby stream, the water only up to her knees. Before she could even get her bearings the titan dipped his left hand into the water again, collecting a generous amount then dumped it right on top of the woman's head!

Jaeger had went from a raging beast to a kind caretaker in half a second, now actually fussing over Hanji as he attempted to clean her as best he knew how, whimpering from time to time in a manner suggesting he was attempting to ask her if she was alright. His focus was broken for a minute buy a sudden pain in his right hand. Glancing over with his brow raised he had completely forgotten about the remains of the 4 meter in his right hand this entire time! The beast was currently attempting to tear its way out of his grasp, gnawing on his fingers after having regenerated. Ears went back, Jaeger giving the small titan a rather dead-pan look before simply tossing it into his mouth and swallowing it whole. Stupid thing. Distraction taken care of he bent low again, continuing to fuss again over Hanji. It was rather cute in a weird way.

Levi: -hops back up on his horse- Leave the idiot here. I'm in no mood to spare food for that fatass .... Especially after that little display. -he trotted over to the stream and looked up at Jaeger- Seems he cares about your hygiene more than you do, Hanji.

Hanji: = v=;;;; -she sat down in the water, trying to scrub the stink off herself with Jaeger's help- Thank you, Jaeger. -she looked up at him and smiled-

Jaeger: At Levi's mention of leaving the stupid man here a visible wave of relief swept over the massive beast. Breathing out a cloud of steam his entire body relaxed as he settled into his current self appointed task of getting his friend clean again. Or at least cleaner. Seeing Hanji glance up at him the beast started crooning lowly not unlike the night prior when she'd fallen asleep on him. The scientist's words of gratitude earned her a light nuzzle from the beast before he withdrew. Using both hands this time he scooped up a larger amount of water; carefully edging his fingers apart he allowed a steady stream of liquid to pour down it being pleasantly warm from the titan's naturally intense body heat.

Once the last of the water had drained from his hands Jaeger tilted his head down again to give the woman a sniff. The disgusting smell had certainly lessened but it was still there. Growing a bit agitated Jaeger decided to try his own hand at scrubbing the stench away. Mindful to keep his claws out of the way he began using the pads of his fingers to tenderly scrub over Hanji's body, steam rising from her at his touch. He was hoping that perhaps with heat aside from water alone he could rid the woman of the repulsive smell.

After several minutes of this he gave her another sniff, the scent was still there! Whining the beast was at a temporary loss as to what to do to render the situation. That was until his gaze happened to travel down his own body then over to Hanji. That was it! The smell wasn't on her skin still it was embedded in the wrappings about her body! Clothes, that's what humans called it, the stuff they used to cover this skin. It had always been a wonder to the male as to why humans did this, then again after having spent some time with a few he didn't blame them for covering themselves, their bodies were so fragile after all.

Not even giving Hanji time to realize what exactly he was doing, and not understanding that what he was about to do was something humans really frowned upon, he pinched the back of her jacket between the tips of his claws and pulled it off her. Jaeger wrinkled his nose in disgust for her jacket reeked of human body fluids! Tossing it aside he made a move to see if the smell had gone away completely this time, that was until he caught sight of the large tear upon the back of the shirt she wore under the jacket. Expression changed to that of a curious one, he'd accidentally caught the fabric of her shirt with his claws, thankfully though he hadn't done any injury to her skin. Curiosity getting the better of him the inquisitive titan hooked the tip of his claw into the tear and in one swift motion, completely removed the remains of the scientist's shirt.

Blinking as his gaze fell upon her mostly barren top half he tilted his head to the side, a finger curling about her body, the pad of it pressing ever so lightly against her chest. He'd never seen the body of a female human without clothing [or at least a large amount of it] and now he worked to sate his curiosity. Female titans were a rare sight and out of the few he'd encountered he didn't like any of them enough to warrant physical contact. But now that he thought about it the shape of a human female and a female titan were pretty much the same, especially those odd bits of soft flesh upon their chests....

Hanji: -she blushed profusely- I .... uh ... um. Thank you? At least I don't stink anymore. -she folded her arms over her chest- Levi, could I borrow your jacket?

Levi: -sighs. He'd seen Hanji bare before, considering the times she'd gotten a bad scrape or wound from the field or her experiments, so this wasn't anything new.- At least you don't smell like shit anymore. Get out of the water and I'll give you my coat.

Jaeger: Retracting his hand from the female the titan gave a huff apparently satisfied she didn't stink anymore. Having turned his attention away from Hanji for a moment he was slightly stunned when he glanced back around to see her covering herself. At first he thought she might have gotten a chill seeing as the beast knew humans did not put off nearly as much body heat as himself. This train of thought was promptly derailed the moment he took notice of the fact her face had turned a different color. Quirking a brow Jaeger leaned down again, head tilting once more as he attempted to find the cause of this change. Red meant blood, humans had blood just like titans, Hanji wasn't injured, she wasn't bleeding so why was her face red? He'd seen this sort of thing a few times before and it had always confused him.

Straining himself forward a bit he gave the woman another sniff, hoping perhaps he'd pick up on something with smell with his eyes having failed him this go round. Her natural scent was different this time. It wasn't fear, nor was it a heavy adrenaline scent for excitement but something else. Closing his eyes he had to think for a minute. It was a hormone for that he was sure of. It was something he'd smelt on animals as well as humans, a strange mix of excitement and something else. Seeing he didn't possess a medical knowledge Jaeger had no clue what the term for this other scent was but that didn't prevent him from attempting to figure it out.

Wracking his brain for even the faintest of memories it finally clicked. He remembered years ago, being told when humans turned red like this and it wasn't out of anger or injury, they were usually embarrassed. But, what was embarrassed? It meant the human was uneasy about something but not afraid of it, a mixture of being ashamed and yet having perhaps wanted it all along? Yes that was the definition he was given.

Jaeger managed to put two and two together. Humans always wore their wrappings, he'd never seen a time when a human wasn't wearing some form of wrappings unless they had been removed by force. Humans always covered their bodies, hiding themselves from one another. By removing Hanji's clothes he'd embarrassed her even though she hadn't told him not to do it. She wasn't angry at him, he knew that, she was thankful she didn't smell anymore but the fact he'd taken her jacket and shirt caused her to blush..yes that was the term.

Humans didn't like their clothes taken off them unless they gave permission. Now he felt like a real ass upon realizing what he'd done. Whimpering Jaeger turned his gaze elsewhere as Hanji scrambled out of the water and took the offered article of clothing from Levi. Sheepishly the titan reached up, rubbing in a nervous fashion at the back of his neck, something he'd seen humans do when they felt they were in trouble.

He could feel his body temp. increasing and the tips of his pointed ears were burning. Little did the beast realize his ears had actually turned red, flushed as he took his own turn to be embarrassed!

Hanji: Thanks for the jacket, Levi. I'll have to get a legitimate shower when we get back. .... What are we going to do? We can't tell Erwin we figured out everything in one day. That would be kinda suspicious. Maybe we can just stay in that farmhouse for a few nights. I'm sure that's what Erwin meant when he left us here.

Levi: Base has been pretty calm lately. I doubt they'll need us immediately.
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Rp Snippet Favorite Scenes [blood/gore/violence]
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