A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Tobi Fassen (ready for checking)

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PostSubject: Tobi Fassen (ready for checking)   Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:11 pm

Tobi Fassen

Basic Info

Name: Tobi Fassen
Nickname: Tobi
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight

Tobi is a overly cheerful and softhearted young man. He is always the first to offer assistance to anyone who needs it and is always a pillar of the group. His general attitude towards everyone seems almost forced as he is smiling most of the time regardless of the situation, which stems to a much deeper anguish, pain and frustration that he holds towards the Titans. When it comes to Titans Tobi's usual calm collective seems to fade away, almost becoming animalistic in his clear grudge match with every Titan that appears before him.

Tobi would much rather be a distant and and quiet individual that would keep to himself more often than not. He is for the most part a loner not really taking much notice in what others think of him or what they say too him unless the subject peaks his interest, hiding it behind his fake smile. Although he gives off a somewhat cold exterior from time to time in how he speaks and his choice of words; he is in fact a very caring and affectionate young man with a solid resolve and unbending loyalty to those who show him the same quality.

His life has left him cold in some aspects, mostly with trust. Although he feels he is just being shy, he does not always come across that way. He is often seen by others as over zealous or over confident due to his unphasing attitude towards Titan attacks and destruction, but in truth he just does not know how to comprehend the idea of dealing with the overall problem which often leads to him saying something before truly thinking about it.
On official matters his ability to speak in public is what makes him who he is, away from the tomfoolery and rash way of speaking when it comes to matters of importance it is as if speaking with an official or Leader. He is able to calm a room of quaking Soldiers, rally foes to become allies and stop himself from getting killed by asking out a girl in the wrong way.

There is one thing that will make him a bit more rash and heroic within seconds. Women. Tobi will often try his luck and is an old fashioned romantic but lets just say his methods are unorthodox to say the least! He has never has a girlfriend or many female friends but he is seen by some female members of the district as the 'strong silent type'.

Tobi's mentality in battle is like a rabid pitbull, often going in all guns blazing with an unchanging expression of hatred. His hatred is hidden from all of his team to his knowledge but his eyes give him away. Even though his hatred often fuels his attacks, he is also a brilliant strategist, making the most of the terrain around him to bring down Titans without putting himself or others in too great a danger.

Physical Traits

Rank: Average.
Group: Scouting Legion
Job: N/A
Height: 5 Foot 9 Inches
Weight: 10 Stone
Hair Color/Length: Sandy blonde
Eye Color: Blueish Grey

Tobi is a slim built, good looking young man. He has a good posture and doesn't often slouch around. He is always exceptionally clean and well dressed along with his young good looks he would be put in the 'pretty boy' category. His hair is a choppy and messy Sandy Blonde that sometimes covers his eyes.

His face is soft to look at with young defined cheekbones and no blemishes on his face, his eyes are a mystical blueish grey that give off a sense of mystery about them. His smile is the one thing that draws people in, as he has a dazzling smile with perfectly aligned teeth. His smile always seems gentle but sometimes faked which makes him appear strange sometimes.

Stats (you start with 15 stat points total which you can fill in yourself. More info on how to earn more stat points o stat skills can be found in rules and information)

  • Toughness - 15
  • Intellect - 10
  • Dexterity - 15

Character Information


[*]Women - What young male doesn't like a good looking woman? From their gentle smiles to the way they take down a Titan with one swing, oh isn't it magical! Unfortunately he has a case of hitting on girls at the most inappropriate of times.
[*]Friends - Although Tobi doesn't have many friends, he does consider them a cornerstone in his life and although he would never say it out loud intentionally, he would give his life to protect them all.
[*]Killing Titans - They are vile unforgiving creatures that deserve nothing more than to die by Humanities blades. He will happily spend day after day killing those monsters with every fiber of his being.
[*]3D Gear - His beloved Gear is his life now. It is what will keep him alive and what will help to stop the creatures from harming any more innocents. He cleans his 3D Gear meticulously leaving not a smudge on it and keeping it in perfect working order.

[*]Titans - The reason he joined the Scouting Legion. The reason he despises them so much. The death of so many innocents just because of one foul giant. No one should have died that day.
[*]Disloyalty - Where does betrayal serve in this world? It doesn't. In Tobi's eyes, anyone who betrays humanity deserves to die regardless of their previous endeavors.
[*]Bananas - Who likes them? Honestly? They're a yellow suggestively grown fruit and its just... Don't go there people. don't go there.

[*]Being Devoured - This is a share that every single member of Humanity fears. The last thing you witness on God's green earth is the grin of a Titan before it opens its mouth and tears you apart for no good reason.
[*]Not Being Able To Fight - After years of preparation from the destruction of Wall Maria he could not bear to be told he is not up to the cut. To be able to fight and protect Humanity.
[*]spiders - Almost as bad as Titans. I mean eight legs, loads of eyes and they crawl... These disgusting little creatures send a shudder down Tobi's spine whenever he sees one. WHAT MORE DO I NEED TO SAY!

[*]Revenge - To reclaim Wall Maria is only the start. Tobi saw the Colossal Titan and witnessed the destruction is left in its wake. Now it was his turn to cut down every single Titan that stood before him and avenge all of the innocent lives lost because of that monster.
[*]Live Life To The Fullest - Tobi will live his life to the fullest because at any time the Colossal Titan could return and take back everything once more. To live life to the fullest is the only clear option anyone has.
[*]Peace - It is a dream as much of a motivation to want to be able to have peace, without the fear of Titans and their destructive and horrific tendencies. As long as Tobi breathes however he will fight to bring this peace that he longs for.

Character History


Tobi was born in the Shiganshina District just South of Wall Maria. His parents were not very well off at all, much like the rest of the community, but Tobi was happy. He spent most of his days pretending he was in the Scouting Legion fight off Titans and saving the day. Although he never thought that he would ever actually come face to face with one until that fateful day. The day the Wall Fell.

Tobi was playing by himself enjoying the sunshine, he had found himself a small alleyway that allowed him to play around and play his games in peace. He was leaning happily against the wall when he felt a dark shadow appear overhead; "Hey, where's the su-" His eyes shot wide in terror as he watched the lumbering mass of the Colosal Titan rise above the height of the wall. He had never felt such fear in his life. The sheer size of it was beyond comprehension as he was then faced with the sound of muscle on stone as a huge section of the wall exploded inward sending missiles of debris crashing into homes, killing people.

He could not compose himself as he felt the impact of ind caused by the destruction of the wall. He flew down the alleyway crashing into an adjacent wall as he felt his head hit solid brick. When he opened his eyes he could smell smoke and hear screaming and the thump thump thump of loud feet hitting the solid ground. He turned his head to see the towering presence of Titans heading in his direction with hungry expressions on their faces.

He jumped to his feet and began running as fast as they would carry him in the opposite direction to the Titans. He looked above as he saw the Survey Corp begin their counter assault in vain as he heard more screams of men and women. His eyes were filled with tears; "Why... Why is this happening!?" He screamed as he headed back towards his home where he had hoped his parents would be waiting for him but it was too late. Something had already been there. A Titan.

Body parts laid scattered as blood soaked the rock, walls, remains of clothes... There was so much blood... Tobi could only stare out in horror at what he was faced with as he felt his body shaking involuntarily from both shock and pure fear, he had little choice but to run, to flee! Yet his body would not allow it. Not until a female Corp member landed near him and clung to him in tears telling him not too look. It was too late though and he had seen the true horrors of this world.

Several years later he stood proudly being inspected by the training staff for the Army. He could see hundreds of people standing near to him, all awaiting what would come next. He had gone into the Corp as a newly made orphan. No family and no loved ones. He was expendable, he was unpredictable, he was a suitable soldier. His skills had grown from those of a broken child to those of a trained killer as he quickly mastered his ability with the 3D Gear, he showed  exceptional prowess in hand to hand combat and his strategic mind was well developed. Now he stood awaiting what Squad he would be put into.

The Captain looked out over the group and began calling names; "Please be Scouting Legion..." He prayed, not moving a muscle until his name had been called. More and more people began to whittle away from the crowd as they were selected for their units and divisions. Eventually his name was called; "Fassen, Tobi. Scouting Legion, move to the designated area!" The booming voice called. Tobi could not help but let a small smile creep forward as he proceeded to the Scouting leaders who handed him his new jacket as he stood a proud member of the Scouting Legion.

Tobi was proud to wear his new jacket emblemed with the crest of the Scouting Legion. It was his honor to wear it and before long he was out doing what in his eyes, he had trained his whole life to do. He had been sent to survey an area near Wall Maria to see if it would be possible to try mend the wall where the Colosal Titan had come crashing through. He was accompanied with 3 other members of the survey Corp. Peter, Ariana, Kris and Henriette. The 5 of them moved forward carefully as they noticed the Titans loitering more towards the wall than near to their position.

Tobi had fallen into formation as the sound of the 3D Gear rang through the streets, he was positioned as the rear guard with the others leading him to the objective. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he gripped his blades tightly. It was then that the first one appeared, it moved with such accelerated speed as it came from the rooftop from left to right with wide open jaws. It was clearly a 7 Meter class as it flew past them. Tobi had only blinked, seeing Kris leading the group then a red mist and he was gone.

The Titan crashed into the building as Kris tried to scream. Peter screamed at them to carry on, to keep moving! The remaining four did so, pushing themselves harder when Tobi saw a small 4 Meter class looking dumbly at the ground trying to stomp on something. He could feel his anger exploding inside him as he went lower to the ground accelerating his Gear and clenching his blades as he used the gas to push him into a spiral spin before crying out at the creature. He felt his blades connect to something and then he felt the spray of blood as he heard the crash of the body slamming to the floor.

He panted deeply as they shot onward the group looking surprised and happy as Tobi just looked on, with a stoic look upon his face. "I'll kill them." He thought to himself as he heard his group congratulate him. They rounded the corner before coming to an abrupt half as Peter and Henriette slammed into the stomach of a Titan, its grinning face seemed disgustingly happy as it quickly slammed its fists down upon the screaming pair. Tobi could only just move out of the way himself as he saw Arianna crash into the adjacent roof crashing several times before coming to a halt.

Tobi's mind seemed to snap. He couldn't take seeing people, innocent people dying! "You're all going to fucking DIE!!" He screamed as tears welled in his eyes. He shot forward diving low as the Gear puffed out its gas, sending him sky rocketing into the air! He saw a 12 Meter Class approach Ariana as he pushed himself harder he saw her blink terrified as he used the claw to pin to the nape of its neck. He could feel it shake as it tried to remove Tobi but he was there, determined and cold as he drove his blades home!

The blades shattered as the Titan went to his knees coloring the sky in a deep gore red. Tobi quickly looked back to what was now the bloody pulps of Peter and Henriette. He felt the tears burn his eyes as the guilty Titan seemed to approach them as a slightly jog. Tobi watch it come closer; "Get up and get back to the Wall! There's too many to see at this point! GO!" He cried as Arianna carefully pulled her self up. He looked at the Titan as it raised its hands once more to try pommel him into the ground. "No you don't!" He cried as he ignited his 3D Gear  to spin around the Titan!

He could feel himself getting tired as he watched the Titan grab at his wires, sending him crashing into the rooftop in front of him. He coughed blood as he felt a large gash to his forehead begin to pour blood down his right eye. He had one chance left, or die here! He shakily pushed himself up and shot forward, he could feel his right arm was potentially broken as he could barely grip one of his swords. The gas sent him once more encircling the Titan until it made another attempt to grab his wire which had left it wide open. With an almighty cry Tobi dive the blades home, feeling his right arm then snap with a cry of sorrow, pain and anger blood sprayed the buildings as the beast crumpled to the floor; "That's for Peter and Henriette you bastard!" He whispered as he took off after Ariana.

He never forgot that day, he had lost friends and seen the brutality of the Titans once more. But he was prepared now, he had killed his first Titans and now he was prepared for what may lay ahead. Nothing was going to get in his way.

Extras: Once I have Rp'd with him a bit I may consider putting him up for a Titan shifter, but undecided as yet!
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PostSubject: Re: Tobi Fassen (ready for checking)   Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:35 am

~ Everything seems to check out, Approved. :D

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Tobi Fassen (ready for checking)
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