A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Add-On To Luke Kelmann (Titan)

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PostSubject: Add-On To Luke Kelmann (Titan)   Sun Jun 29, 2014 2:09 pm

Basic Info

Name: Shrek (That's a joke <) The Green Titan (Human: Luke Kelmann)

In Control:

Luke when he eventually becomes a titan and in control acts very simply and calmly. He is professional and pushes to get the job done that is needed or kill what is needed to be killed ,when in control. He will never strike a human or mess around, this is due to him being afraid of scaring humanity about his presence and will exile him forever. He keeps his titan mouth shut in case that he accidentally lets the acidic saliva out, burning the others below. It is possible to communicate with the titan as well, like to give orders or to call for help. The titan is capable of hearing speech, but incapable to speak it. In titan form he is just as rational as a human and will judge things by human instinct mostly. He can be used as a structure for 3DMG to fly a round with. You can even climb onto and use him as transportation. In titan form he is quite quiet, not much screaming or yelling is heard other than light grunts when fighting. When in titan form he also feels as if all titans are nothing but obstacles and plows through them to make way. The great thing about his titan form is that even if he shifts, he is still wearing his gear, (3DMG, Blades, Etc.). Another thing is that if he doesn't wear himself out too much he can spring right into action again in human form with his 3DMG and Blades. Luke can be reasoned with and may act on his own whim is he disagrees with a certain plan, although it is insubordinate, he will do what he needs to do for victory.

Out Of Control:

As for him out of control. He is suicidal of sorts, he let's his emotions take over mostly and goes on a rampage on titans none stop and will not even stop even if it spells death for him. He has a small chance of striking or eating a human at all, but that's not to say not at all. Other than that it is unclear on what could happen. It is possible to communicate with the titan as well, like to give orders or to call for help. The titan is capable of hearing speech still but, it is very risky to try. For some reason when he isn't in full control he get's pissed off if spoken to. Which is a problem, he also isn't very friendly. He will start spitting his acidic saliva at the enemy titans as well and start roaring at the top of his lungs and will destroy everything that stands in his way. One other major problem is that when Luke is damaged in titan form way too much or keeps fighting non-stop and fighting carelessly while being out of control as well. He will arise out of his titan form tired and unconscious. Another thing with his personality is that his titan form is sinister looking and will kill in a sinister way.

Physical Traits

Height: 16 Meters

Appearance: bit.ly 1iKLt82 His eyes glow bright green and his skin is a dark grey shade with certain parts of his body when the skeleton is revealed. His body shape looks like a buff enlarged human as well. He stands a 16 meter height and appears to be green and a mixture of dark grey. The titan doesn't look like most titans and clearly looks to be intelligent, as it is obvious that his skeleton is being revealed in certain areas, such as the spine, head and ankles. He also still appears to have skin and muscle there too. As the steam on this steam blows off, it appears to have a shade of green that matches his eyes and acidic saliva. The titans jaw is entirely teeth and bone and jagged, appearing to be unable to make intelligent speech. The ears still appear to be there along with most of the skin and tendons in the head. The eyes of this titan appear to glow brightly, one advantage and a downfall at the same time for this titan is that he glows in the dark in a sense, the acidic spit glows and the steam glows a bit as well. His eyes are quite bright as well, giving off it's position could be bad, but good on the other hand. The knuckles of this titan appears to have the bone poking through and certain parts of the skeleton like the shoulders has bone showing a little as well. It's teeth are jagged like a sharks and acidic spit seems to stay within it's mouth when not speaking or opening it, it also seems that he can control the acidic spit to not even be there. The person controlling this titan inside seems to be well protected, but not impossible to attack. A good hit and proper aim will do the trick.

Special: This titan's saliva is acidic and can burn you to the touch like fire, his appearance shows that his titan form reveals certain parts of his skeleton. The skeleton isn't normal bone it is hardened. But not as hard and strong as the armored titan. The nape of his titan form is his weakness like every other titan.

Character History



Luke currently doesn't realize he is a shifter, but you can hear the story anyways. Luke's father Hei Kelmann worked with Dr. Jeager during his research with the titan's and experiments. Due to this they both accepted the fact that they will have to experiment it in order to find out if their new weapon against the titan's worked. So the two decided to test it on their sons. Although Eren Yeager and Luke Kelmann never even met.

They are similar in their own way, but not much. The two's titan form vary's from one another, revealing that the formula they created can vary from person to person, which is dangerous. Luke has never discovered that he is a titan but eventually he will and it will possibly ruin his life forever. How the two doctors did this is simple, they mixed a light amount of a sedative with the formula so that the boy's don't remember that they were injected with it. Dr. Yeager and Hei Kelmann both didn't want the two boy's to attract too much attention and/or ask too many questions compromising everything. Luke after being injected forgot that it happened as did Eren. But, he felt strange for about a week straight after it happened. Nausea and all kinds of different things were going through his mind, it also seemed as if time was accelerating beyond normal.

His friends then thought he was going crazy and some stopped talking to him and the rest, were scared for him. Although he is a shifter, it won't (most likely) stop him from killing titan's or being a regular human being, sorta.  Eren Yeager and Luke did eventually see one another in person later in time, a year before the first encounter with the colossal titan. They didn't speak, just gazed at one another for a brief time and continued on, afterwards they never really saw one another ever again what so ever. Luke actually forgot about Eren until he turned up later on. Later in the months pasted Luke started feeling different once again, but for a much smaller amount of time, the day that the titan's attacked, his father Hei wanted to tell him something, but he ended up getting drunk after finding out that titan's have breached the wall and Hei was unable to tell Luke to this day what he wanted to say.

His father never even said goodbye or I love you, but it all mean't nothing to Luke now. Every so often since the titan breach, he gets a few bits and pieces of what happened when he was injected with the formula, small frames of glimpses of the past. Soon, Luke will find out what happened as soon as he shift's, and when it happens he may never be the same ever again. To this day Luke still doesn't even know what happened, but never questions his dreams, he disregards them as nightmares. Suddenly at the battle of Trost District, a titan on humanity's side was rumored through out the whole Scout Legion. This triggered something inside Luke and made him feel uneasy afterwards. Eventually it was revealed that Eren Yeager was the titan, Luke always knew there was something different about him when he saw him that day. Luke was troubled about this and was scared for what could happen next. As to this day, Luke hasn't realized yet that he is a titan, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time, one day it will happen and Luke will not be ready for it. But let's hope that he can control it.

Extras: Luke hasn't shifted yet, ever.
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PostSubject: Re: Add-On To Luke Kelmann (Titan)   Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:18 pm

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Add-On To Luke Kelmann (Titan)
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