A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Here are some helpful links if you want to read the manga.

Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Cressida Gynn

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Cressida Liane Gynn

Name: Cressida
Nickname: Cressa
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Cressida is very positive and tries to remain optimistic in any situation. She believes that the world she lives in need more positive energy put into it. She also believes if she puts positive energy into something there will be positive outcome. She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh as well as make others laugh. She is very energetic and sometimes a little hyper. She gives her all she has into everything she does. She is very determined to accomplish and achieve her goals and will work hard for anything she wants. She watches out for her comrades and friends and isn’t afraid to stand up and fight for her friends and her dreams.
Cressida sometimes tends to space out or daydream. She has a very wild imagination and often dreams about the world beyond the walls along with fantasy worlds she wishes to visit. She particularly enjoys watching the night sky and looking at the stars. Ever since she was little she has always had a fondness of stars and whenever she is feeling sad, alone, scared or stressed she will go outside and watch them.
When working she is very serious and focused. When given a task she makes sure to get it done on time and with little mistakes. She tries her best to be a good solider and please the higher ups. Her determination and hard work are what drive her to accomplish her goals. She always tries to improve her weaknesses and power through them in a situation even though it might be difficult.
Cressida is rather low-key and tends not to get angry at other people. She often helps others who are upset or doing through a difficult. Although it may take a lot to get her angry, when she does she tends to say harsh things but she apologizes after she calms down. Something that really gets her angry is when other insult her older brother and his work or is someone tells she can’t follow her dreams for whatever reason. When Cressida gets scared she will freeze and not move or run if her life is in danger. When first encountering a titan in the attack of wall Maria she froze and was unable to move when a titan approached but later ran as it tried to grab her. She now tries to prevent herself from freezing up or running away when faced with something that scares her instead she uses her fear to fuel her adrenaline and solve the problem.

Physical Traits

Rank: Lieutenant
Special title:
Group: Scouting Legion
Job: Normal Job
Height: 5’3
Weight: 100lb
Hair Color/Length: black wavy hair that reaches down to her lower back
Eye Color: ocean blue
Appearance: She has a light, almost pale, skin color that is smooth and soft. She has warm, almond shape ocean blue eyes. Her cheeks are rosy and have a slight pink tint, she has thin lips and has a bright, wide smile. Her thick, wavy, soft, black hair reaches down to her lower back and she keeps it down resting on her back. Her bangs sway to the right and the tips almost reach her eyes. She has a small, thin body with some curve but nothing too big. She has a flat stomach and some muscle in her arms and legs.

Toughness - 5
Intellect - 7
Dexterity - 5

Character Information

Stars: Ever since she was little she has always enjoyed looking at stars in the night sky. She likes seeing the moon and all the constellations of the stars. She has always to learn more about them and legends behind the constellations. She also enjoys watching meteor showers and will watch the night sky when she is sad, stressed of feeling alone. When she was little her mother would take her outside and tell her the stories of some of the constellations. On some clear nights her parents, father and brother would all sit on the roof of their house and star gaze. Her dream is to go beyond the walls and see as many stars as she possibly can.
Reading: In her free time Cressida will often read. She particularly enjoys reading stories about fantasy worlds with dragons, magic and other mythical things. She sometimes dreams of going to these fantasy worlds and escaping from the harsh reality she lives in. She also enjoys reading books about the past and, if she can find one, books about the outside world, astrology and mythology. While she enjoys fantasy and mythology she also wants to know about the world she lives in. She wants to know about the stars, science and things that have happened in the past. She believes that knowledge could help the world she lives and expand it.
Adventure: Cressida doesn’t ever want to live a mundane or boring life. She wants to try new things, learn new things, and challenge herself. She joins the military because she doesn’t want to live her life inside the walls doing nothing. She wants to go outside and see the world around her.
Music: When Cressida was younger her mother would sing and play the piano. Cressida learned how to play piano through her mother and she would also sing. She loves writing music, singing and listening to others play music. She loves listening to the music others have written and preform. She believes that music can help bring others together and help brighten the mood when someone is feeling sad or upset. Music reminds her of her mother and father and the times they spent together when she was younger.

Judgmental People: While Cressida knows that everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to it she hates when people judges others based on their looks, sexuality or beliefs. She strongly believes that people should get to know one another before deciding whether they like them or not. However, she can’t stand when people profile others and make assumptions without knowing the person or without knowing the whole story.
Wind: One of the things Cressida absolutely hates is wind. She is okay a slight breeze but not a windstorm. She hates the sound it makes, how it cools the air and how it blows sand, sticks, grass and many other things anywhere. She hates behind outside in the wind. It affects the way her 3DMD works and causes her to struggle.
Dishonesty: She can’t stand it when someone she trusts, or thought she could trust lies to her. She hates when people lie to her face when people tell her things, if she can tell someone is lying to her she will ask more questions and continue to pry before calling them out on it. She would much rather have someone tell her they have problem to her face rather than try to lie about it to her. She also hates when people lie to others just to gain their acceptance or just look impressive to others.
Thunder: Cressida enjoys light rain however, she hates thunder and lightning storms. She has fears thunder ever since she was little child. She hates the loud noise and the how sudden it is. Whenever a thunder storm starts she will seek comfort from her friends. When she is alone she will hide under a blanket, squeeze her eyes shut and cover her ears. If she gets caught outside she seeks shelter in an empty building and will hide anywhere inside a building and then cover her ears.
Small Spaces: Her second biggest fear is being trapped in small places. When she was younger she got locked in a closest and was trapped there for a few hours. She tends to avoid crawl spaces, closest and small dens if she can. If she has to go into any type of small space she can keep calm but only for a short amount of time. If she is stuck in a space with one of her friends they’re company can calm her down and if they can take her mind off of the situation she will be alright.
Being Alone: Another thing she fears is being left alone. After losing her family members she fears being alone or forgotten about. Living in her own room is alright because she knows that others are in the same building as she is. She fears living completely alone and having no one when she needs comfort or someone to talk to. She fears her friends one day abandoning her and leaving her behind.

Her Brother’s Death: Cressida had a very close relationship to her older brother, Caelum. She was very close to him and did just about everything with him. His dream was to go beyond the walls one day. After her brother died in the fall of Shinganshina she decided she would join the military for him. She tries her hardest and fights for her dreams for herself and for him. She hopes to one day go outside the wall and see the beach for him.
Humanity: She wants to help other people and help other see the outside world as well. She wants to help others and support others and will work to help people reach their dreams. If other people share the same dream as she will then she will work with them to fulfill these dreams. She also wants to protect others from the dangers of the titans and any other threat humanity may face.
People Saying she Can’t Do Something: Whenever someone tells Cressida she can’t go outside the walls, join the military, see the stars or ever succeed in life it only fuels her want to do it. If she wants to follow her dreams and nothing that anyone is says is going to stop her. If someone tells her dreams are stupid or that she can’t do it so she can tell others “Watch me.”

Character History

Growing up Cressida lived in a small house in the Shinganshina district. She lived her mother, her father and her older brother, Caelum. When she was younger her mother would tell her stories about the stars and show her constellations in the night sky. Every Friday night when the sky was clear they would all sit on the roof and watch the stars. They continued this little tradition for a long time.
When her brother was 17 he joined the Scouting Legion. When Cressida was thirteen her brother was killed in an expedition a few months later the titans attacked Wall Maria. In all of the chaos Cressida watched both of her parents get devoured by a titan. She escaped the attack and managed to make it into wall Rose along with the other survivors. After three years of hardship and working in the fields and trying to survive off of the low rations she decided that when she was 16 she would join the military. She would carry on her family’s dreams of going outside the wall and discovering the world.
When she joined the training core she kept to herself and was shy around the others at first. However through all the training she made a few friends and worked her way through the training. Her years at training were difficult but she kept going, she thought if her brother could do then she could do it as well. A few of her friends dropped out and she herself thought about dropping out but she stuck with it. When she graduated she was proud that she had made it through and was excited to start her life in the military. Although she was scared she was still going to do it and fight for her dreams.
She feared the titans, she feared losing her friends and feared dying before going outside to see the outside world. After seeing some of her comrades fall victim to the titans and surfing through the anniversary of her families’ death she realized the horrors and cruelty of the world. After surfing through these events she realized she couldn’t let these things take her down and instead she would try to stay positive and try to find the brighter side to everything. It also fueled her to continue fighting for her dreams and make sure her brother didn’t die in vain. So she got to the Scouting Legion and became a soldier.
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Cressida Gynn
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