A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Alakai Kaido

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Alakai Kaido


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PostSubject: Alakai Kaido    Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:55 pm

Alakai Kaido

Basic Info

Name: Alakai Hoki Kaido

Nickname: Prince of Thieves, Kai

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Alakai is not a person who you want to be in the same room with; unless he considers you an ally. He's very, very, slow to anger. But will do some of the most brutal and irrational things even while cool-headed. When angered; he's akin to a mad dog. A demon even. Although he seems completely irrational; Alakai plans and thinks several steps ahead without even noticing it himself. When he wakes up in the morning; he's already thinking about either continuing a plan he's begun or coming up with something new.

Alakai takes delight in absolute power, and loves the thrill of earning respect (or fear) through both brutal means and wit.
He is not the type of person you want to double cross on a deal; unless you would like a soaring man to appear through your window too rip you apart piece by piece. He is very motivated by money; like everyone in the Kaido family, and if crossed concerning jewels---well, let's just say you've messed up bad, and made an enemy out of him.

Alakai; although a force to be reckoned with, knows the value of life. He knows that people cannot fear you when they are already deceased.
He is a hound dog; and women all over flock to him whenever he's in the same room. He always gets 'chosen' by females around bars; and just in general. Although he treats women like s#@! He loves to put women in their place; as his mother is a very unforgiving and vindictive woman herself.

Unfortunately, Kai spares no one who does not fight for their life. If you do not show pride, and fierceness; the will to live like a burning flame; he will extinguish you without a second thought. Although Alakai does love his fellow comrades; he feels it is his responsibility to cull the weak of his kind.

Alakai distrusts and dislikes Titan; feeling to be vastly superior to them and believing that Titans should serve him; and not the other way around as is the current status quo agreement between the King and the Military Corps through these 'Jobs'; Alakai seems it as an outrage; and damn near slavery.
Often, he will take a Job just to kill the Client at the End after being paid. Although if he likes a Client, or sees that he can potentially make a lot of money; or perhaps a future business investment in them, or senses that they are a worthy and savvy businessman he won't even dream of harming them.

Kai knows that without war; there can be no peace. He takes delight in both destabilizing things; and building things through destruction. He feels that in the universe, destruction is the ultimate tool of creation.
Last but not least; Alakai certainly seems to love animals; and has been known to kill owners of animals that abuse them. Most people in this circumstance; don't even know he's a solider until it's too late. He can only watch animals be abused for so long until he snaps.

There are some that say there are only two powerful emotions, that tower over the rest; Greed, and Love. A man could go a lifetime without Love, and know Greed, but it is impossible for a man to know Love, and not Greed. Alakai, he had Love, but never knew it, and left room for Greed to infect him. Ever since he was a child, Alakai has had hatred and envy in his heart. Being picked on, and tortured, he turned cruel, and cold hearted; not giving a damn about anyone but himself. Always hungry for more power, he is willing to further sacrifice what is needed to achieve this.

His past still creeps up on him every once in a while. He has nightmares of imprisonment; years behind walls. Yet the idea of eternal damnation doesn't frighten him. He wants to pursue a life of immortality, and that is his priority. To everyone around him, Alakai is viewed as beautiful, charming, and sophisticated, when really he is sadistic, greedy, and cold. He views himself higher than anyone else, and would go to extreme measures to prove it. His intimidation abilities get most things done for him, but they didn't name him 'The Reaper' for nothing. He has killed before, and everyone knows it.

In battle he is calm and collected and is a very relaxed individual. He seems to believe that his power is absolute, or, at least, greater than anyone else's: in battle, he often expresses boredom with his opponent's lack of strength, leading him to exude an air of superiority. He seems to be sadistic; when he finds a strong opponent, he will make them suffer. Alakai maintains an outwardly professional demeanor, but is loyal and friendly to a select few, and has a dry sense of humor. He is confident to the point of arrogance, and it could be argued he has the right to be.

Well-spoken and graceful, Alakai is calm, collected, and in control. He can be frustrated and caught off guard, but this rarely happens. Following his fall into possession, Alakai has most of the above personality traits, but becomes murderous and vengeful. He has become cruel and enjoys mentally torturing those he feels deserve it, which is just about anyone who stands in his way. pushing people away who try to connect with him. Alakai doesn't want relations, he wants too be feared and loved at the same time. He wants devoted followers, but doesn't want to care for them in return.

Alakai is a servant to the Reaper inside, even though his body serves as little more than a avatar. Alakai possesses incredible skill with manipulating people, this is because of his great skill with intimidation and acting. He enjoys toying with people like puppets on strings, using every bit of dark information he can get his hands on to destroy one another. Humiliation and shame is what he uses most, as is it revenge for all those years he was laughed at. He wants the world to feel his pain.

Physical Traits

Rank: Rookie

Group: Survey Corps

Job: Interrogator

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 178 lbs

Hair Color/Length: He has Dark Black hair, and actually Alakai's hair is really long for being male, and for being in the Corp's as well. For the most part it is short wispy around his face, but comes in a knot at the base of his neck to a ponytail. That ponytail reaches to the end of his back.

Appearance: Alakai has been noted as an extremely handsome and elegant individual by Soliders and non alike. He has scarlet-hazel eyes, and dark dark hair. He is usually seen wearing a black vest, that matches his black boots. The vest is stark black and he likes to keep it that way, thinking it is a waste to spoil it with stains.
On normal days, when he feels like being casual, he wears a button up black or white shirt, with a few buttons undone, revealing his necklace. Alakai has a stoic and regal demeanor, and he inspires awe and respect from comrades and foes. This relates to his enormous reserve of raw power, which is both a blessing and a burden for him.
The duty of bearing the responsibility of such power is what causes him to act reclusive and seemingly apathetic. However, his composure is sometimes broken by his perplexity and ineptitude to handle his past. However, even when he is truly distressed, Alakai has the same dutiful and unfazed countenance.

When he is on duty however, Alakai will wear the traditional Uniform, but not wear the green cape as much as possible.

Stats (Every branch starts off with different stats, look into the rules for more information about it.)

  • Toughness - 12
  • Intellect - 10
  • Dexterity - 13

Character Information

Animals - He is a big lover of all wildlife, and will even try to prevent himself from destroying it.

Money - Alakai will do nearly anything; For a Price.

Warm Weather and Campfires - Not surprisingly, Kai loves beaches, tropical weather, and bonfires, even rain and humidity!

Spicy Food - He can't get enough of it; and will try any new dish he can. Like Curry!

Spontaneous Decisions  - Alakai loves to let his emotions take control of himself in a flash; snapping and doing what he feels in the moment; and thinking of the consequences later.

Women who know Their Place - Kai loves a woman who can take care of her man; in more ways than one. Women sound extremely sexy to him when they are subservient for some reason. It is hard for him to resist a submissive woman.


Cold Weather, Ice, and Snow - For un-obvious reasons, he has an extreme dislike of all things cold. And would prefer rain and cloudy, hot days instead.

Idiotic Associates and Allies - Kai has been known to throw 'associates who have as much intelligence as a ferret' off of buildings, out of windows, or off of cliffs. If he really thinks you're annoying as an ally or associate; he will burn you to ashes without a second thought. Although these are exaggerations, they are not far from the truth.


To Humiliate all Opponents who would stand against him - Kai takes delight in not only winning; but stomping opponents into the ground literally, and physically. He will let an opponent live just so they remember psychologically what he did to them.

Making a difference beyond The Walls - Alakai's horizons never stop expanding in his mind; and on his path. He knows he was born into good circumstances, but knows that keeping those circumstances is up to him. He also knows that his Reputation is priceless, a lesson learned through much trial and error.

Respect - Alakai will be respected; no matter what. He sees to this by both helping who he needs to help; and annihilating who he needs to annihilate without a middle ground.  


Defeat - Alakai cannot stand the thought of defeat. If he's defeated; he is psychologically unable to comprehend it; and will go into a mental shell for awhile; refusing to speak to nearly anyone until he has exacted his revenge or get back upon those responsible.

Being One Upped by Anyone - He loves to show off; and hates other show offs. So if he would be beaten at his own game... Kai is sure that he would go into a mental breakdown.

A Lack of Character - Alakai cannot stand the thought of letting himself be a raving lunatic. He'd rather be a focused lunatic. So rather than being crazy, he is just an asshole and prefers to keep it that way.

Character History

Background: Alakai Kaido was born in the Capital, yet His life growing up was far from privileged. While yes he was born in the Capital, his parents did not live there and only his father was a Solider. He grew up as a nomad, never living in the same place for more then a few months. Why was this though? Because his family was on the run from The Underground. Alakai's mother, Ayame, was a native to the Underground and was a high ranking member, she became one of the body guards of the Undergrounds’s political members, the representative in in charge in fact. However, he ruled that those that had attempted to follow in the footsteps of Underground by making the city like the literal itself, a land of organized crime more or less. Alakai's mother stopped this by assassinating the Representative.
This made her an enemy of the Underground, and condemned her to a life of being hunted. She fled to the Capital where she met a man named Skarin. He was a Solider, and was just outside of the city where he witnessed Ayame in a 5 on 1 battle with Underground thugs. She herself was a knife user and was losing the battle quickly. Skarin saved her life by defeating the Underground Soldiers and took her into The Capital.
He gave her shelter in the Hospital, and even went out of his way to buy a small house for her to live in. They got to know each other for about a year before they fell in love. In two years, they got married, and gave birth to two baby boys. Alakai, and Arashi. Kai was a rather large baby, coming out of the womb at a large, and rather painful 10 pounds for Ayame. Arashi came right out at 5 pounds. Back in the Underground however, the heir to the seat who was the previous Rep's son was overcome with anger for Ayame, and sent a full scale army to attack the capital just to kill her.

As a children at the age of 3, Alakai and Arashi were both healthy young boys, in pre-school, even learning the basics of martial arts from they're parents. It was around this time when the Underground launched their attack on the capital where Skarin, Ayame and the boys lived.
The Capital didn't expect it at all, and were far from ready. They were completely over whelmed. During this attack, Ayame, Skarin and their children had no choice but to flee the city. When they escaped however, the representative of the Underground didn't stop chasing them, always doing everything he could to hunt them down and kill them. It was because of this, that the Kaido family couldn't stay in a single place for more than a month before needing to go somewhere else. This made life difficult, They had to fend for themselves, hunt their own food, find their own water, salvage money anyway they could. They were always hungry, and they couldn't get any long term jobs otherwise they'd be discovered. T
hey always had to make money doing other things. Ayame and Skarin did Mercenary work every now and again, sometimes would take place in backyard competitions or even sell valuable things they found. One thing they did though, was they never stole, killed, or cheating anyone out of their money, even the rich. Despite their living conditions, Ayame and Skarin wanted to teach Alakai and Arashi to be good men.
At the ages of 13, it was starting to become known what their skills and talents were. Alakai even as a boy at this age had an incredible muscle tone and a big frame with thick bones. He was physically very tough, far stronger than that of other children his age. Arashi was short and slender, yet he was athletic and quick. Arashi's frame was smaller overall but he was like a lightning bolt of speed and reflexes. Arashi was also far more outgoing and extraverted, while Alakai was more of a shut in who kept to himself. This often caused Arashi to be the one that start all the fights between them and the brotherly rivalry.
While Skarin and Ayame were on the run, the Underground did not know of their children, so once they were old enough, they were able to carry on with their own lives if they wished.

However that was not the case. Alakai and Arashi became quickly familiar with the Underground behind their parents back. And at the age of 15, they left for the Underground, learning what they could, as fast as they could. With Lightning fast reflexes, and the strength and skill, these brothers became known as the Princes of Thieves.
After One year, Wall Maria was broken, and chaos erupted all over. Even the Underground was rioting. It was here that Arashi was murdered during the chaos. Even though Alakai was right there, he did not see his brother's killer. And Vowed to take up arms and find the man who did it. So Alakai entered into the Training Regiment, growing darker and darker by each day.

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PostSubject: Re: Alakai Kaido    Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:21 pm

This is one of the best apps I've seen in awhile <3

~ Accepted

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Alakai Kaido
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