A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Ryo Hirsch (DONE)

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Ryo Hirsch


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PostSubject: Ryo Hirsch (DONE)   Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:30 am


Basic Info

Name: Ryo Hirsch
Nickname: The Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Perceptive, yet needlessly blunt. Intelligent, yet extremely lazy. It seems, in Ryo's case, any good quality he actually does have is being countered by a major flaw in his character. He wants to be the good guy, the hero, because it's the right thing to do, but being the villain seems like a much more appealing choice, he wants to go on a diet because he's gained a bit of weight recently, yet stuffing himself with whatever food he can find is what he ends up doing. So, in other words, Ryo is the same as any other person living on the planet - flawed. Despite all of that, Ryo is the kind of guy that knows what's up. Life is unimportant, merely a transient toy used to pass the time. Excitement is all that matters to him. If faced with the safe choice or the more 'interesting' but dangerous choice, Ryo is just as likely to choose the dangerous choice as the safe choice, just so he can see what happens.

Generally, Ryo is a very happy guy, even in the face of danger. However, he doesn't really go overboard with anything. He'll chuckle lightly at the world's worst joke, and chuckle lightly at the world's funniest joke, that's just the kind of guy that he is. He claims to know 'just about every single person' in the Stationary Guard and while that fact is largely disputed, it could very well be true. As an incredibly social individual, Ryo has made a lot of 'acquaintances', but he has very few 'friends', people he could really trust. Everyone who has made a notable impression on his life has either died or completely vanished from his life. While he feels sympathy for his fellow humans, he is, perhaps on a subconscious level, actually quite glad that he was born into such a bleak and cruel world where his kind are considered the lesser species, simply because it is 'exciting', and he joined the military for just that very reason - because he wanted to see the Titans.

However, on his ailing grandmother's insistence, Ryo was forced to join the Military Police. Bored with life as an officer, and craving more, he decided to ask for a  transfer to the Scouting Legion, the branch of the military that actually fought against Titans. His grandmother contested this, and because he was just a filial grandchild, Ryo settled for the Stationary Guard, the place where he stayed for the next couple of years. While at the Stationary Guard, Ryo began to develop a lot of the personality traits that he currently has. For example, he learned to play poker as that was a popular pastime with the Guardsmen. Although the only time he has actually had to use a 3D Gear was in training, Ryo is actually quite adapt with it and does enjoy to fight to the point that he has begun to train outside of work. He has never met a Titan however, and is even skeptical to their existence, so his fighting experience would be of better help to him against a burglar than 50 meter monster.

Physical Traits

Rank: Squad Leader (if possible)
Group: Stationary Guard.
Job: Solider.
Height: 186CM.
Weight: 81kg.
Hair Color/Length: Short and black, but dyed brown. Slicked back.
Eye Color: Hazel.
Appearance: A sharped featured young man in the prime of his life, in his own words, Ryo can only be described as a 'looker'. His piercing brown orbs have caught the attention of many, male and female alike. Generally, Ryo is seen wearing the traditional military uniform, simply because it is easier for him. He has several pairs of the uniform, some slightly bigger in case he hits a late growth spurt and some smaller in case he begins to shrink due to old age. When he is off duty, he will also wear the uniform. In fact, the only time you could probably find Ryo without his work attire is when he is working as a doctor (something he rarely does nowadays). When performing an operation, doing an autopsy or even just giving a person with a cough a checkup, Ryo will wear his precious blue and white cloak, something his grandfather, also a doctor had handed down to him.

Despite looking like he spends a considerable time working on his looks, Ryo actually gives little priority to the way he looks or the way he dresses. He does things, not because they make him look good, but because they make him feel good. While at home, away from the eye of the public, he will walk around in nothing but a shirt and his boxers (which, to be fair to him, can be mistook as shorts), and will even answer the doorbell like that. He is a solider though, and because of that, his life is filled with action. Long hair just gets in the way. As a result, he often cuts his hair. He has even contemplated going bald on occasion, but the fact that the wind would make his head cold has deterred him from going down that particular route. He slicks his hair back every morning, so he doesn't have to risk it getting in his eyes while he is in action. This applies to when he is fighting and when he is performing operations. In both situations, even a single slip can result in death, and dying is the one thing Ryo doesn't want, whether the one in danger is himself or someone who has put their trust in him.

Stats (Applying for above average 75 points)

  • Toughness - 20
  • Intellect - 30
  • Dexterity - 25

Character Information


  • The World - Simply stated, and mentioned above but expanded upon here, Ryo likes the world to the point that it almost borders on love. He feels happy that he was born into such an interesting place, because of all the folklore that surrounds it. While he was growing up, he heard about the "monsters" that lived outside the walls from his neighbors and about the "monsters" that lived under his bed from his friends. Intrigued, Ryo decided that the world was a great place, and that he was going to explore it all.

  • Food - Growing up, food was a luxury that not everyone could afford. Sure, he had just enough food so that he would never go hungry or starve, but he never ate to the point that he could really say that he was full. During his time in the military police, he was finally treated as a big shot and could eat to the point that he was stuffed. He decided that he liked that.

  • The Scouting Legion - Strangely enough, Ryo likes the Scouting Legion and it's members despite the fact that isn't actually apart of the Legion nor has he ever been. He envies the fact that they can go out and meet Titans, although it seems like none of them share this feeling. Whenever Ryo tries to ask a Scouting Legion member about Titans, they are less than helpful, but he doesn't hold this over them. Several of Ryo's close friends were members of the Scouting Legion as well. Were. This also contributes as to why he likes the Legion so much.


  • Corruption - As a former Military Police officer, Ryo is no stranger to corruption. He has seen people who were suppose to be his comrades, people who were supposed to help overs, people who took the same oath as he did, pretty much break every rule in the book from extortion to blackmail. Pretty much everything under the sun. In fact, on occasion, Ryo himself has actually participated in being corrupt, so in a way, perhaps he hates himself too?

  • Military Police - This partially stems from his dislike of corruption. While in the Military Police, Ryo didn't meet a single person with a kind soul, or someone who wasn't actively being a complete prick to those not apart of the Military Police. This doesn't extend to everyone in the Military Police though, as after a while, Ryo simply stopped trying to interact with them, before eventually leaving.

  • The Walls - Some say that the Walls are what protects humanity from the walking buildings known as the Titans, but for Ryo, they are simply the only thing standing between him and the rest of the world. There are times when he feels like sneaking away and there are times when he feels like destroying the walls with his own strength, although these are just far fetched fantasies that he has occasionally.

Fears: There is very little that Ryo Hirsch fears. However, very little doesn't mean he is fearless. Things that cause even the brave Ryo's knees to buckle do exist. For example, Ryo is nothing if not a calculating individual. He likes to second guess, he likes to estimate, using the resources given to him. Deductive reasoning, it's called, and it rarely fails him. However, when it does, Ryo's heart really does begin to race. He's not sure whether being outsmarted is scary or exciting. A little bit of both perhaps. Another thing that Ryo fears is premature death. He isn't afraid of dying, but he is scared of dying before getting to see everything in the world with his own eyes.

Motivations: Basically, Ryo's main motivation is staying alive long enough to see the end of
the Titan's reign and the beginning of a new era for humans, an era where mankind can explore the world outside the walls and continue to thrive as a species just like they were meant to. Ryo wants to be apart of that next generation and actively participate in the expansion of humanity. Ryo is also determined to rise up the ranks in the Stationary Guard, believing that if he has a high rank, it will be a lot easier for him to make a difference.
Character History

Background: Born in a normal family, Ryo, for the first few years of his life experienced the same hardships and joys that other children his age did. However, a few days after his 6th birthday, his father fell ill and quickly died. With his mother completely unable to cope, Ryo and his younger brother were sent to live with their grandmother, a lonely lady that was more than happy to receive company in the form of the two grandsons that she had never even seen before. While living with his grandmother, Ryo began to question why he was never allowed to "play outside the wall", and as a result of his amateur sleuthing skills, Ryo was able to find out about the monsters that lived outside the wall, and the people who fought against them. From that day on, Ryo would always go to the gates to see the return of the Survey Corps. Even though he did not really understand what was going on, Ryo cheered when the crowd cheered, lamented when they did, but even at his young age, the boy noticed that the Survey Corps numbers dwindled while outside the walls. They returned with less men than they set out with.

When Ryo was 14 and his younger brother, Hiroshi was 12, the two of them decided to join the army, having the Scouting Legion in their sights. Ryo was a good solider, but often kept to himself, preferring the companionship of his fantasies and others that shared them. On the other hand, Hiroshi was less talented when it came to the art of battling and the 3D Gear, but was a much more social lad. He gained friends easily. What Hiroshi lacked in the field of combat, he made up for with his leadership skills. Hiroshi and Ryo both graduated in the same class, with Ryo occupying the 3rd place spot, the instructor citing that he was impressed with the accuracy of his swordsmanship, his handling of the 3D Gear and his intimidating presence in battle. However, the instructor also stated that the fact that he was unable to co-operate and communicate well in his teammates hurt his ranking, and could ultimately prove to be his downfall. Hiroshi, on the other hand, managed to just clinch 10th place.

"You're a strong fighter, you know what you're doing. When people see you on the battlefield, their morale is lifted, because someone like you is on their side. But don't get any strange ideas. It's not because they like you or anything. It's because they're scared of you. They get out of the way, and let you handle things because they know that you are just as likely to strike them down as you are the enemy. As for your brother, people actually don't fear him. He's managed to unite them behind him. People want to fight with him. They want to fight for him. Remember that, because if you don't, you'll live a short life. And it won't be a Titan that finishes you off," were the Instructor's last words to Ryo before his graduation.

Despite having his sights set on the Scouting Legion, Ryo and Hiroshi were persuaded to join the Military Police by their grandmother who was getting on in years. She was adamant for them to avoid the Scouting Legion at all costs, stating that the death toll was too high and that having her two grandsons die before her was simply unnatural. The two brothers secretly made a pact to transfer out of the Military Police once their grandmother safely passed away. However, disaster quickly struck. While Ryo was willing to just put his head down and ignore the corruption of the Police, simply cursing them under his breath, Hiroshi was a completely different case altogether. He openly questioned those who were participating in shady activities. While it made Hiroshi popular with the idealists, he quickly became an enemy of those higher up in the ranks, and he was soon killed off, under the pretense that he had died of the "same disease that killed his father." Immediately afterwards, Ryo requested a transfer to the Garrison, keeping his promise to his grandmother to not join the Scouting Legion, while managing to escape the Military Police, who perhaps were planning on taking him out next.

Ryo was somewhat happy at the Garrison and worked there for the next decade or so, rising up the rankings. When humankind received their grim remainder, it had just been a few days after Ryo's 25th birthday. As the Titans swarmed in, he couldn't help but freeze up for a precious few moments. When he finally managed to control himself, he immediately headed into battle with his squad. But fighting real Titans and training was completely different. As they had never handled actual Titans before, Ryo's squad was quickly destroyed leaving Ryo and his second in command, Dieter, the only survivors. Every bone in Ryo's body was broken and for a while, he wasn't able to move at all. On the other hand, Dieter had lost an arm. During the attack on Trost, Dieter and Ryo were not involved in formal planning, being deemed too injured to be of any use. However, against their better judgement, the two of them set out, their goal being to save as many as possible. The pair of the managed to save some, but Dieter was killed in the ensuing chaos by an abnormal Titan. Left bitter at the complete destruction of his team (he later found out that many of his friends in the Scouting Legion and even some civilians he had been friendly with had been killed), and humiliated by the fact that humans were forced into a corner once again by the Titans, Ryo was convinced that somehow, someway, humanity would one day make a great leap forward and expand their territory, no longer having to live in fear of their colossal tormentors, even if he had to do it himself.

Extras: N/A.
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Ryo Hirsch


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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Ryo Hirsch (DONE)   Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:20 am

Bump for completion.
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Majin Vegeta

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Ryo Hirsch (DONE)
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