A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Ruinic Fallesk ( Go easy on me)

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PostSubject: Ruinic Fallesk ( Go easy on me)   Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:25 pm

Name: Ruinic Fallesk

Nickname: Boss, Twist.

Gender: female

Age: 18-25 it all depends on the time line we are after.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Ruinic is a person hard to get along with at first, her cold and calculating nature driving others away, her aura feels almost crushing to those around her, she is very rough with others and rarely ever gentle, she shows concern by just ordering someone to tell her what's wrong, so she's a little pushy in that aspect.

Ruinic prefers to be the leader of the group, she enjoys dominance over others and hates submitting, in fact she has never before, feisty to others when she does talk she is brash at times but has a good instinct, she tries to stay 3 steps ahead of any of her opponents trying to predict someone's movement, or there actions, being able to catch on quickly and almost being able to know what a person is going to say before they do.

Ruinic still can respect others but that takes time and patience, but once you have her respect and friendship there is an unshaken loyalty towards a character, she hates lettings others get close though, Ruinic at times can seem relentless and show no mercy, getting on her bad side is a bad idea.

Ruinic highly enjoys fighting or sparing one of the few things that make her happy, she tends to toy with her opponents though, if they are up to her level though she shows no mercy, the urge to raise over the rest keeping her determination burning, Ruinic doesn't have to try and scare someone or intimidate them people tend to stay clear of her.

Once you do get close enough to her though, she starts to become a bit softer on whoever is so close to her, showing small signs of affections with a simple ruffle of the hair, she hates to be embarrassed and can sometimes be quick to anger if embarrassed enough, otherwise Ruinic is a hard nut to crack, She does sorta become a child when it starts to snow, becoming very giddy and excited though its hard to tell with how reserved she can be.

Rank: Rookie

Special title: None yet

Group: Survey Corps ( or that's the goal)

Job: N/A

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 150 pounds

Hair Color/Length: Ruinic has short hair, her hair not growing past her neck, she has naturally peach colored hair, she dyed the tips white, the tips representing snow, some parts of her hair enough to only slightly cover her eyes but not enough to blind her or get in the way.

Appearance: Ruinic has the appearance of a male, she is very agile looking but well toned, she has natural peach colored hair with dyed white tips showing her secret passion for the winter, her eyes white with a tint of silver, when not wearing the uniform Ruinic prefers to wear a white vest and grey jeans along with a black tie, she doesn't mind the uniform though but it can sometimes be a bother for her prostatic, she has a right prostatic arm it goes up to around her elbow, it was a bulky prostatic just black and white, she tries to hide it with bandages as best she can though.

Stats:I was wondering as I use this character over time if I am aloud to up her stats? Since I am a noob I am at a disadvantage for points, so in the future if I go up in ranks if I would be aloud to edit this characters stats. Besides characters develop over time, I don't want to be coming off as rude or anything, I just rather my character not stay a push over.

•Toughness - 4

•Intellect - 5

•Dexterity - 8


The cold, the winter, ever since Ruinic was a child she loved the snow it brings her good memories.

Forests, she has always enjoyed the wild life and finds the walls almost like a cage.

Sparring, Ruinic always enjoyed challenges so she gravitated towards sparring, she enjoys winning over someone else she is a bit of an aggressive fighter.

Cinnamon rolls, the only sweet thing Ruinic can tolerate, one of the few other things she enjoys.

Cleaning, Ruinic finds cleaning relaxing after a long day, she prefers everything organized, so cleaning never bothered her.


People who are always happy, they seem to simply agitate Ruinic a lot she finds people overly happy never shut up.

Chocolate: Ruinic has always despised the taste of chocolate, she hates most sweets though.

Others invading her personal space, Ruinic is highly sensitive so she dislikes others getting close.

leaving her companions behind, Ruinic may be cold but she's not completely heartless, she hates abandoning others.


Being abandon or being forced to abandon someone else, she blames herself if her team was forced to leave someone behind, She would struggle going through with it, she rather fight till the bitter end.

Having no other choice, this goes along with her other fear, she hates only having one choice, she will try to come up with multiple ways even if its unhealthy.

Sleeping, she fears going to sleep, so she will rarely sleep, when she does she tends to suffer from night terrors, she rarely gets a good nights rest, she tries to push herself to the point of the chance of blacking out from lack of sleep.


To be able to leave the walls, again Ruinic feels like a caged bird, eager to leave the walls anyway she can to just see the forests again and possibly reclaim back the lands so one day she could be left alone and no titans would come a knocking.

Respect, she wants respect but not for fame just for feeling like she matters somewhere in the messed up world of AOT.

To try and make sure more make it out alive, she may not get along with everyone but she still wants to try and keep as many alive as she can, pushing her limits for others.

Background: Ruinic was raised in one of the towns outside the walls, her parents taught her how to survive, how to fight, she knew how to handle herself, she was very protective of her parents and brother, growing up to act and dress like a male mainly due to no one frowning down on Ruinic for it, well only her parents and brother knew her true gender, when Ruinic was still young only around the age of 13 (considering the 5 year skip in anime hence her actual age), there had been an attack on the wall, Ruinic was returning from a hunting trip with her older brother Oliver, only to return to the town being ripped apart by titans, her and her brother barely made it back to there home only to find it smashed, the two had to flee swiftly into the walls, getting mixed up with crowds of people her and her brother where separated, when she had spotted him, they had ran into a titan, seeing the titan pick up her brother, she tries to retaliate to brake her brother free, she only managed to get her arm bitten off in the process.

Ruinic had almost died that day if it wasn't for someone finding her and taking her back over the walls, luckily she survived becoming close to her saviour Toma he was part of the Garrison regiment, he treated Ruinic like a little brother, she had received the prostatic once the wound had cleared up, one day they where sending out a large group of soldiers sadly Toma having to leave , it had been a suicide mission from the start and she had lost the last thing she cared for, this drove Ruinic to become cold to others having lost everything but she refused to give up and submit, she decided to start training so one day she could become the scouts hearing how they left the walls and cleared the path for hope.

This time she had the power to protect others, thus the long training started.

Extras: Deadly eyes man, Ruinic has very strange eyes if you look into them, a character cannot move or blacks out from the feeling, though Ruinic wears goggles to avoid her eyes affecting anyone so she will most likely never use this ability on anyone.
Wooden board over her chest to keep her gender a secret, Ruinic has a smooth monotone voice and sounds masculine.

( Go easy on me I really bloody tried, I hope this will be approved or majority will be accepted, anyways her picture might take awhile to make so description will have to do. I am so bloody nervous about this. )
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Ruinic Fallesk ( Go easy on me)
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