A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Cyrena Holding

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PostSubject: Cyrena Holding   Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:52 pm

C Y R E N A   D I M I T R I   H O L D I N G

Basic Info

Cyrena Dimitri Holding

Cy [pronounced; sigh]




Usually, people possess that brain-to-mouth filter which enlightens them on what to speak and what to keep to themselves. It is one particular trait that Cyrena does not have.

Being impulsive on the tongue frequently lands the young lady in trouble or at least makes it appear so that trouble is drawn to her. She has slightly impatient tendencies as time is one of the things she values most because she is fully aware that she may run out very soon. This notion always drove her to feel compelled to do things with intention. Before she falls like many others have before her, Cyrena wants to fulfil and achieve to not waste minutes on tedious tasks.

With haste in her gait and purpose to her actions, Cyrena can easily set her mind to objectives and understand what it is that she is aiming for. Along with this decisiveness, she is also resilient. Perhaps the more appropriate word is stubborn. There is a strong veil of headstrong where Cyrena denies all but herself. This characteristic of hers leads her to be somewhat argumentative, rarely taking a 'no' for an answer and even less often following orders she will not comply with.
That difficulty outlines her struggle with authority and doing as she is told. A lot of the time, it isn't that she is against her orders but simply because she was told what to do, her prideful instincts would go against them- like a child or teenager.

When it comes to her friends or those she trusts, Cyrena is significantly relaxed and open. She wouldn't hesitate to let her guard down and loosen up but this other outgoing side to her give the impression that she trusts others awfully easily.

Cyrena has an eye for detail, being very perceptive and aware of her surroundings. This is one of the products stemming from her need to gain knowledge about situations she's in. She likes control and knowing what she's about to face which is why she pays close attention to what happens. But this constant observing has her overthinking many a time.
There is a deep value of nurture and protection instilled in Cyrena. Over her possessions or friends, this is especially noticeable when she would make an attempt to be of any help. She is better when it comes to physically helping than verbally as such situations make her awkward. She wouldn't know what to say whereas if it were with her hands, she would work more precise wonders.

In times of combat, Cyrena tends to behave solely on reflexes, taking out what must be eliminated or aiding those who are weak for a moment. Almost like a game of chess, she takes steps either strategically or utterly recklessly. Strategy bringing satisfaction and recklessness bringing pure adrenaline. It is in these two moments that her results are most efficient.

If Cyrena sets her eyes on a path she truly believes in, she will swiftly take to conquering it.


Regular Soldier

Survey Corps




Hair Color/Length:
Cyrena bears slightly wavy hair, reaching low to her tailbone and appearing a dark shade of glossy violet.

Eye Color:
Her eyes are an acid wash of her hair, lighter in most areas and a deeper blue shade.

Cyrena stands on the more petite side at a short height of just over five feet and with a less petite frame, her physique is slim yet sturdy.
Her complexion runs somewhat tanned at a very light beige from the odd moments she spends leisurely in the sunlight.

Her resting facial expression often looks more optimistic than her usually relaxed mind. A small half-smile curls one corner of her lips upwards as she maintains a calm look.

Cyrena accessorises her standard uniform with her off-white scarf, mismatched bracelets and a stud above her right nostril which she never fails to wear. However, where there is opportunity, she would comfortably slip into her own attire. Her outfits are usually ones she can easily move around in, either consisting of a loose fitting shirt and shorts or less casually, a fitted blouse, skirt and knee to thigh-high socks. Most of the time, she tries to avoid any form of foot wear as she finds it not liberating and as well as that being a norm, she has her hair tied in some way to keep it from getting in her eyes.


Toughness - 6
Intellect - 5
Dexterity - 6



Winning; Cyrena cannot hide how competitive she can become when she is really involved in what she's doing. To her, it's all about the results. Satisfaction means constantly and consecutively improving. It means literally destroying all of the titans you can and changing the civilisation for the better and to do that, she has to win.

Music; Addictive like nicotine, Cyrena's entertainment and escape is music in all of its rhythmic forms and fluctuating tunes. Whether it comes from the rapping of her knuckles against a desk and humming to a silent beat or clear from an instrument, it matters a lot more than meets the eye.

Food; Preferably sweet and sugary delicacies are a favourite of hers. Cyrena loves all but seafood which is profoundly disgusting to her. She will eat almost anything anywhere and you can find her devouring snacks at the wrong times. She has been frequently found, munching on something while avoiding the strikes of a titan.

Titans; This goes for her other enemies and rivals as well but from her core, she has never despised anything so much. Her life was more chipper than how it played to be but with the destructions of the walls and land, that peace she had was ruined. Now everyday, she is to face rather annoying obstacles that take up her time.

Restrictions; Limits that hold Cyrena back from doing something she wishes really gets under her skin. This similarly applies to orders she is given that she feels are either against her morales or too trivial to carry out. Rules are claustrophobic to her and when she is uncooperative, that holds her back from improvement.

Losing Comrades; Eventually it becomes less difficult to witness a person you had previously conversation with die but it never gets easy for Cyrena. It's distasteful and painful to continuously live through so much deaths between people you had just gotten used to. Cyrena felt as though she could have prevented so many deaths and that she could have saved people so from losing comrades comes incredible guilt as well.

Deep Water; Cyrena never learned how to swim and the attempts she made often led her to nearly drowning in a panic. Because it happened habitually, Cyrena never grew used to the waters and panicking became a common reaction.

Dying Young; Not particularly young but too young. So young that when she dies, she would not have some something magnificent. Cyrena knows that along with everyone, she is simply a blip in her world and attempting to leave a mark for others to remember her by but to leave absolutely no trace at all- she could never forgive herself.

Clowns; Cyrena hasn't seen so many jesters in her lifetime but the few she has caught a glimpse of unnerved her to pure discomfort. From the unnaturally wide grin to the maniacal laugh- it's all a charade that sets all of Cyrena's alarms off at once.

Cyrena's main motivation driving her to volunteer for the Survey Corps and live a life of fighting titans was based from revenge. Her calm home life of living tranquilly with her parents and sibling had been uprooted and destroyed, the friends she had and neighbours she knew- it was all gone and defeating the creatures that stole her past will have her settle for a good enough future.
Then, to fight and protect those who cannot fend for themselves is all too fulfilling. Serving others gives Cyrena the purpose she needs to continue.



Cyrena descended from nomadic Spaniards and was born into a middle-class family of four. Her household consisted of a sufficiently wealthy merchant, an endearingly loving nurse and two daughters, Cyrena and Nicello settled in the district of Chlorba.

Growing up was almost a blur as it was when Cyrena moved around a lot. Their home depended on where her father's job would take her but neither of the four minded. For Cyrena, it meant that she could simply leave behind any burdens or responsibilities and start anew and afresh. She rarely spent time with her father as a child as he was constantly out and about with work and dedicated hours to long conversations with her mother and older sister.
As a curious child, she was always questioning the world around her to which she would be told magnificent stories of the land beyond the walls and titans. As she grew, this quality didn't change except she also began to question people which had a more consequential outcome. Then she began spending more time with her father than with her mother.
Cyrena would accompany her father on trading trips beyond their district often and to her surprise, found it to be quite fun but the last time she travelled with him was when they strolled to Trost.

It had been a clear day with soothing skies, almost picture perfect when the two were introduced to the diabolical bottom feeders. Homes became debris and laughter became screams. The two were once ambling along but quickly broke into sprints.
Further and further, Cyrena pulled her feet along only to look over her shoulder and see no one.
Seeing nobody was much better than the sight of a towering titan devouring her father she witnessed seconds after.

Cyrena didn't think it was possible to lose so much but when the weight of beloveds were lifted from her shoulders and she had nobody to care so much about, running became easier. Her dad was dead and her mother and sister were too far to reach. So she hid and ran, switching between the too only to run across more titans. It was a cycle before she slipped into her home, void of life.

There was no sign to show of any death but no sign of life either. It meant she didn't have to care, even though she had hope they were alive. Her father was deceased, her mom and sister were missing and Cyrena had nothing to do and no one but herself to fend for. It didn't take long for her to join a trainee squad, she needed to learn to fight back and quickly. Graduating with flying colours, she knew exactly what she wanted to do and that was join the Survey Corps so she could hunt those titans like the dogs they were- no, dogs were better. She was going to go after these titans one by one as though they were pests.

Cyrena has a natural pull towards children, like her own mother. There's a certain bias she had towards them compared to other people.
Pride is one of her many flaws although her ego isn't significantly large.
She has troubling sleeping most nights but when she does manage to drift off, waking her up can be hellish.

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The forum is a little quiet now though so there might not be much to do. Sorry for any inconvenience.

[EDIT:] You can have a stat total of 17 so add two more stats to where ever you want them to be.

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PostSubject: Re: Cyrena Holding   Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:08 pm

Thank you very much! :-)
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PostSubject: Re: Cyrena Holding   

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Cyrena Holding
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