A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Here are some helpful links if you want to read the manga.

Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Carden Moriarty

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Carden Moriarty

Carden Moriarty

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PostSubject: Carden Moriarty   Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:15 am

Basic Info

Carden Moriarty

Devil of Nedlay




Carden is a complex man who is exceedingly smart than anyone that he has ever met. He is a bit snobby and keeps to himself often, also has a cynical mentality. He strives to be the best at what he does, that includes science, philosophy, history and almost anything and everything. His goal is to be the best of mankind, the true meaning of man. He lives on winning and victories. Those that are unprofessional irritates him quite easily too.

There are times where Carden may seem at a lost and gazing upon the distance, it isn't because you've stumped him or that if you said something offensive made him have nothing to say, it's because he's thinking of different ways he can kill you in a heart beat. This crime lord wont think twice before blowing your head off, your best bet is to avoid being put into a conflict with him.

Physical Traits


Special title:


Crime Lord



Hair Color/Length:
Green tinted/Shaggy

Eye Color:
Whiteish left eye -3/4 Blind in his left eye
Right eye - Green
This man stands at 5'11 and 170 pounds and walks with an unnatural limp on his right leg, and has damaged sight in his left eye, causing it to be discoloured. It's still capable of sight, but is unreliable and only provides depth perception. Carden is a athletic built man that walks around with pride and a cynical midset. His stature is quite average though. Carden also appears to be a worn out and rugged at times, he's done things and things have been done to him. His appearance suffers from that sadly. He also sports a lightly tinted green hair style, making him a bit more unique in terms of style, other than wearing his typical suit.




•Toughness - 2

•Intellect - 7

•Dexterity - 6


Character Information

Survey Corps, he enjoys the idea of human expansion and wiping the titans off the face of the earth. Carden believes that they are on the right track if that's the route they're off to do. Another thing he enjoys and likes and a good cool ginger ale and rye combination mixed together. Carden enjoys the taste and the small snap back of the rye in the glass. Fighting, Carden likes fighting because it lets him know he's still alive and hasn't lost himself just yet. The things he had to do in the past eventually will and can come at any moment to strike him down with insanity.

Station guard, he feels that the worst of the trainees end up in the Garrison. Not because it's their fault entirely, it's just that the general population of trainees end up there, due to the fact that the king feels the need to have the best available at his disposal at his side always. Military police, these guys, don't even let Carden get into this, they are so corrupt and evil that you can even throw them up and compare them with Carden at times, and that's saying something, a lot of things.

Carden isn't afraid of much, but snakes are a huge problem for him. He dislikes and fears the sight of them. The little buggers get Carden going and causes him to hate them... Deeply. Death, there's nothing more that he fears most, he fears the day will come and bring him to death. Of course this may not happen right away or anytime soon, but of course it may happen as anything can really happen in reality. Losing himself, along the way he had sworn that he'd give his life to the idea of him going insane, he wont have it. Although he's scared of death, this is the only exception.

Carden wants to better the world and rid the lands of the titans and strive on as the idea of the human race lives on. Titans can't and wont take all our lives, we'll fight to the end. Titan research, Carden has knowledge on the titans and knows quite a bit of them, but doesn't know as much as he'd like. Power to the people, if the people within' the wall want to fight, let them. The idea of titans trampling over us and we have no real way to fight back unless we're military seems unfair. So in that retrospect, Carden invented his own gear and tools to have himself on pair with the military when it comes to killing titans.

Character History

This mans origin begins in a rugged and crime filled district that goes by the name of Nedlay. It has the faint smell of ale and beer filling the streets then, and even now. Carden was born into Nedlay to a father and mother that both took part into that crime tradition this district was known for. Carden at that young age didn't have a choice in what his life was to be like ahead of him, but that doesn't matter now, he has no regrets for what his parents decided to do. Once Carden was twelve, they had already made him do crime related things. His father before hand sat him down and explained to him what exactly his job was and how it was to be done and what he should do if there was any trouble. In the beginning Carden was a courier, delivering goods to different shady areas of the district, delivering anything from weapons to stolen goods. His father began to "promote" Carden and began to train him in multiple martial arts, only teaching him the good parts of each. By the time he was sixteen he had already mastered everything his father taught him and his courier job quickly ended after his fathers untimely death. One of the major crime groups, the Shouta family were suspected of his fathers undoing. In response Carden went ahead and had taken over the family business at a early age with his mother as guidance.

He grew up after that fairly quickly, years passing by without even phasing him very much. After his fathers death he had been bettering himself intellectually as well, reading books and learning different things. By the time he was nineteen he had already expanded the business triple the size his father originally had it. Carden even had people working for him, but, this is where things got quite sinister. Carden ended up torturing a subordinate, the torture consisted of finding a cellar nearby and throw the subordinate inside. He would only then be left with a large bottle of salt water and bag of heavily salted crackers. This form of torture is quite horrible, but effective. Carden then began to get more creative and started doing other things to his enemies and subordinates. One thing consisted of rat torture. Taking a bucket and strapping down the victim, then fill the bucket with a rat, placing it flat down on the victims stomach area and light the end of the bucket to begin to make the rat panic and attempt to escape through the victim.

Carden eventually also had to kill people throughout his life, using either a knife, gun or hand to hand combat. He once crushed someones skull in by just standing there and repeatedly stomping on their face. Some time after, he came to find out the guy he had stomped on was part of another crime syndicate and went crazy about it. So they retaliated and assaulted Carden's estate. They entered violently and engaged in a all out fight with Carden versus multiple guys, one guy ended up grazing Cardens eye deep enough to leave permanently damage, while on the other hand, another one of them stabbed Cardens thigh in just the right place to leave some permanent damage that effects his walking and how much pressure he can put on it, although not by much, it still effects him. Although, he killed all of them and had to dispose of their bodies, their attempt on his life and estate was a failure and he moved on somewhat normally from there on, after that he invested into some more estates, buying different shops and locations for more income. After some time, by the time he was twenty four he had taken an interest in titans, suddenly wanting to engage in the fight against them. So in retrospect of that, he created gear and tools to fight. Leading him to develop this gear and began to practice heavily on his designs and techniques, he managed to create a sword and a custom 3DMG type device from pure knowledge and public knowledge of 3DMG also with the use of black market materials . He also began to sneak out the walls to fight titans face to face. So far his kill count isn't anything spectacular in comparison to the great Kaito Shouta or Captain Levi. But it's still quite impressive for a self trained individual.

Extras: Carden will eat your soul if you dare cross him.

3DMG 2.0

Name: 3DMG 2.0
Type: Wrist mounted 3DMG.
Description: The objective of this tool is to have the same effect of the regular 3DMG, but have dexterity and light movement while using it. But all and all, it's pretty much does the same thing as the regular 3DMG but in a smaller size and different use, more or less a grappling hook than anything, they are meant for mobility and dexterity.
Extra: It's pretty dank.


Name: Excalibur
Type: Sword
Description: It's used as a very sharp cutlass that is very durable that negates the need of changing blades after each strike. The sharp part of it makes it cut through titan napes quite easily as well, it can also be used out of titan combat as well and Carden usually carries two around with him at all times. They can also be attached with a flintlock pistol for gun firing as well, typical 3DMG blades are meant to break to exchange for sharper blades and are fairly easy to reproduce. The Excalibur is pretty much the exact opposite. The blade is always sharp and reinforced, as well as durable, using steel and graphene composites.
Extra: This is pretty dank too.

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Character sheet
*: Stationary Guard

PostSubject: Re: Carden Moriarty   Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:56 am

As per request from staff, i will be taking over reviewing of your application ^^ If you were still editing it, don't get mad, just continue to create your character while following these terms.

1: ) Personality is only 153 words. It has to be at least 200.
- I suggest talking about what/how he treats those that work under him, or even those he actually likes ( If any at all XD )

2 : )  I only read 2 dislikes. Stationary Guard and Military Police. You need to add one more. Can be something simple as you have met the word requirement.

3: )  Background. I really like his background, its really descriptive. However i see a few things that i just can't wrap my head around. I can see how it is possible to craft own weapons. He is a smart guy, no problem. But just by observations and what he could see? He is smart, but not that smart.  Hmmm i suggest maybe stealing blueprints for 3DMG? That he based the design off of? Does he have the skill in mechanics? Or who created it for him.. that may be easier to explain...( could make for a good topic ). Another thing i can't quite grasp, is going out and killing titans.
It is very noticeable for a civi to go beyond the wall as they ALWAYS have people on patrol at the gates. Can you describe how he would get over the wall? Maybe from outside the city and just used the gear to get over? Does he have a horse? How about a disguise, like a stolen officers uniform??

If you disagree with any of this please explain it to me and i will re-review accordingly.

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Carden Moriarty
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