A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Here are some helpful links if you want to read the manga.

Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Auth vi Rauco (done, too)

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PostSubject: Auth vi Rauco (done, too)   Sun May 03, 2015 5:08 am

Auth vi Rauco

Basic Info

Name: Auth vi Rauco
Nickname: “Auth” works fine, thank you. “My Lord” works just as well, for that matter. – usual introductory quote from Auth
Gender: Male
Age: 21, born on the 13th of March  829
Sexuality: Straight
Auth’s personality is made of multiple layers of mixed fake and true traits. Outermost, he is considering himself to be superior to most others, and will express this in under-the-hand manners, such as sly or sarcastic remarks, snide comments and the like. This is how he presents himself to the usual passing man.

Once one begins to have closer contact with him, he will not drop the “outer mask”, but he will start to actually listen more, and also share more of his not-so-perfect traits; mainly, the fact he intentionally exaggerates a bit all he said about himself, along with the implications of this (aka: he’s perfectly aware of how he’s not perfect).

To his friends, he actually tries to actively avoid discussion topics that he knows angers and/or frightens them. That does not mean he will still slightly try to annoy them, but he will do so on a joking tone and with a smile on his lips.

Innermost, he’s a natural philosopher. While he might occasionally share parts of his thoughts with very close friends, he prefers keeping most of it to himself. He also cares more about others than he lets show (in fact, much more, as he tends to let show he does not care one bit) and is a romantic. A cynical romantic that believes his soulmate was one of the million humans that would have been born if the titans wouldn’t have killed their possible parents, but a romantic nonetheless.

When in battle, or in any other serious situation, he will suddenly change the way he behaves to a cold, rational outlook, leaving himself no time for anything impractical. He will assume any role he might have to fulfil in these situations, be it groundwork or command, and will choose the options that seem best from a rational point of view, entirely forgoing most of emotion.

Physical Traits

Rank: Soldier.
Group: Scouting Legion
Job: Normal; Jack-of-all-Trades
Height: 179.3 cm
Weight: 71.4 kg
Hair Color/Length: Shoulder-length, straight and jet black
Eye Color: As hair, jet black
Auth is a rather tall fellow, and certainly not out of shape, most of his body mass being muscle. On the other hand, his style of training does not yield big, beefy muscles, but lean ones. That makes him look skinnier and, as a result, weaker than he actually is so long as his skin is concealed (aka: wearing clothes).

His facial traits are quite sharp, and his skin tone quite light, contrasting with his hair and eyes. This, along with his manner of moving around and talking leads to an air of nobility, which he is quite fond of. He usually wears most of his face as it were a mask, making it hard to read into his mind by looking at his face. Or, rather, making it hard to read correctly into his mind, as he can and will deceive on-lookers.  

Auth’s off-duty clothing consists of a dark blue shirt, black pants, leather heavy boots and a black leather trench coat. He also always has on his person a loaded small gun, in case his life is suddenly threatened by another human.


  • Toughness - 8
  • Intellect - 10
  • Dexterity - 17

Character Information

Major: Humanity. Mankind is, in his opinion, the species having the ultimate weapon in their arsenal: the mind. It is his belief that mankind can overcome absolutely any obstacle that might cross its path, given enough time and effort to devise a countermeasure.
Self-control: As mind is man’s strongest weapon, blind emotion is its greatest limitation. Not emotion in and of itself, mind, but blind emotion: that moment when you first heed emotion and only after the fact think rationally. Thus, he respects anyone able to control himself in dire situations, but in not-so-dire ones alike: he will respect both the man not giving in to fear and the one who keeps his cool while in mad love. He sees good manners as a lesser, everyday form of such self-control.
Versatility: Anything that can be used for multiple purposes while not losing its ability to do the original one is worth a closer look and its creator a good handshake. This is the main reason he respects the 3DMG (as it fulfils each and every role in combat) and Angel Aaltonen, the creator.
Minor: Good drinks and good food, good meaning high-quality, and for drinks especially. This is also why he’s quite skilled at wine-tasting.
Pretty girls. For quite the same reason as he likes good drinks: they’re very good at making you forget the small troubles. He does on the other hand make an “attractiveness divided by bitchiness” reasoning.
Rain. He can focus on his thought this way, or have an easier time waving them away. He’s known to describe the ideal day as: “standing just outside while it rains heavily, while still underneath a roof or cover, drinking a high-quality red wine while casually chatting to a pretty, smart young girl.”

Major: Humanity. Mankind is, in his opinion, the only species capable of killing just for the sake of it and the only species capable to change its mind lightning-fast. This is why he despises people to overburden themselves with moral standards, only to then break them. People should take onto themselves what they can carry, not more.
Lack of self-respect. Sure, he can understand going long ways in humiliation for the sake of survival, but that’s about it. A man foregoing his pride is not worthy of praise. After all, he does not need it anyway, un-prideful and fully humble as he is, right?
Lack of adaptability. Someone incapable of adapting to survive and/or increase his quality of life does not deserve it. If mankind’s greatest strength is the power to adapt by devising countermeasures to anything, someone lacking this capability is sub-human at best in his eyes.
Minor: Braggarts and know-is-alls, but only as long as they’re tactless. Yelling how you’re the best is unacceptable, but making a sly, passing remark of how you “just so happens to be more skilled” is all right. Just be prepared to be answered in kind for such remarks, as Auth himself is a master of them.
Dogs. This is his only one irrational tendency: he dislikes dogs. This does not mean he cannot understand their usefulness, but it still does not help the fact. He himself has not idea at all why.

Major: Humanity: the only thing able of truly eradicating mankind. He certainly agrees that if there’s one thing scarier than titans, that’s mankind. And if there exists such a thing scarier than mankind, it has to be a bigger lot of mankind.
Death. Not his own, but the general concept of Death, as an entity or phenomenon that does not differentiate: human, non-human, strong, weak, smart, dumb... It simply scares him to think for too long about it, and about what follows, and more than anything: what exactly causes death? Sure, it’s an outside force that leads to death, such as having you neck cut, but what exactly of this causes you to stop living and not just grow it back, like a titan? And even then, why do titans die when their napes are cut and cannot regenerate them? Then again, what is life, and living? And so on. Keeping too much time thinking like this leads to his next great fear.
Going mad. He’s one of very few humans left, a foe surpassing logic is beating at the gates, quite literally too, while still not understating the raw ways of life and the reasons they’re like they are. While he does think this is a fear common in all natural philosophers and that it’s the risk to knowledge, he cannot help it but have to often make pauses in thinking to clear his mind (often including rain, good alcohol and pretty girls).
Minor: Fools. While he does not despise them, he’s afraid of what a fool can do if left to his own devices. After all, the worst type of fool is a motivated fool.
Being found out. Yes, he’s very fake on the outside. In truth, he’s quite fake on the inside just as well. He does not fear the consequences of the fact he was found out, but the consequences of what might happen when people find out his true thoughts on the inside. It’s also worthy to note he fears for them, not himself.

       (You guessed it) Humanity. More so, domination of humanity over anything. If man once ruled land and sea, territories more vast than the eyes can see, what are some oversized fake humans to stop the real deal from regaining its glory? Man is the ultimate hunter, and he will hunt any prey. Man is the ultimate dominator, and will control every patch of dirt, sand, stone or water in the world. And he, Auth vi Rauco, will be there to see it!
Knowledge. To control, you must first know. And what you must first know is yourself. After that, you must know your own kin. Thus, science itself does not interest Auth as much as does the human mind, both his own and that of fellow humans. He will go great lengths to reach conclusions about how somebody thinks, even if that somebody is himself.
Fear. Fear is the proof you’re pushing a line, so reaching a state in which you dreadfully fear something, then overcome said fear, you just pushed you own boundaries further. This is why he will search for fear, but not so much as being irrational about it. After all, fear is a warning system, so you should not try to make it scream as much as it can. Just a little...

Character History

Auth vi Roval is the heir of the 12th generation of the Roval family. According to his father and grandfather, their family used to be one of the highest ranking nobiliary families before the titan catastrophe and downfall of mankind. After the downfall, every family member ended up a soldier and, through sheer skill and combat knowledge of old, a member of the military police. This, in time, re-earned the Rovals a place among the well-faring humans, owning a small manor just outside Wall Sina. The choice of place was not made out of financial reasons, but as a sign of power, the location blatantly speaking for itself. The inscription on the front gate reads: “We do not need walls except for rain and wind; the enemy we will fight ourselves”.
Thus, Auth grew up in an environment emanating strength and well-being alike. This is where he picked up the “blueblood manners” his family values, along with many martial techniques, most of them older than the Walls themselves. He proceeded along the family traditions and joined the training regiments at 14, and graduated at 17, in year 846. It was then his choice, even if ranked first and having a family tradition to join the Military Police, to join the Scouting Legion. As this was just one year after the fall of Wall Maria, his family agreed with his decision; it was not a time when the proud Rovals would hide and cower behind walls.
Since making that decision, Auth went outside the Walls on five different occasions, and returned alive just as many times. On missions, he served all kind of purposes, from scout to messenger to cart guard and, in one very particular instance, temporary squad leader. He now holds a kill count of 6 kills 8 assists, and among the wounds he recovered from are: twice broken his arm, once his leg, and one time stared death in the face after an almost lethal fall from the nape of a 15 meter class the finished off on flat terrain.
All this time, not once has he stopped training under his father and then under the guidance of a few forbidden books on warfare, and continues to hone his abilities every passing day. Skills he mastered include hand-to-hand fighting, duelling, firearm use, deception and manipulation, swimming, sprinting, freerunning with and without 3DMG, climbing.
Currently, he is an active member in the Scouting Legion, occasionally visiting his father, now old, and having a few contacts in the Inner District (mainly ex-military police members and traders). His financial status is also quite good, allowing himself a bit more comfort than most do.

Q1: Is my background info making the character fit for more than a “rookie” rank? If not, would elaborating on the story (mainly the expeditions & battles) be able to make him fit for said better rank?
Q2: Am I exaggerating anywhere? I know I tend to do so when I write.
Q3: How much does the main story affect the RP? I mean, I know Eren&Company is not RP-able with, but did the event take place? (Ex: if I go to Trost, is the gate sealed off with a big boulder?)
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PostSubject: Re: Auth vi Rauco (done, too)   Mon May 04, 2015 12:29 pm


A1 to Q1- You have enough for a scouting legion soldier rank so you are a bit more updated then most.

A2 to Q2- Actually you made it perfect

A3 to Q3- This is right before those events to be exact one year or so, we are having a new story be made so please be patient as we do so. If you need anything else please ask me.
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Auth vi Rauco (done, too)
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