A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Liam Shiromaru

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Liam Shiromaru

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PostSubject: Liam Shiromaru    Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:18 pm

Liam Shiromaru

Basic Info

Name: Liam Shiromaru
Nickname: Li-Li, Lee, Shiro
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: Liam is introverted with a slight superiority complex.  He hates to put any effort into activities or actions that he deems as unnecessary or unimportant.  In addition, his astounding ability to apply methodical logic to almost any situation causes him to believe that he stands above everyone else in regards to mental prowess.  Liam's quietness is always the prelude to a few words of wisdom.

However, underneath his distant exterior, Liam is very shy, talkative, lazy, and smart, but extremely goofy at the same time once people get to know him.  He doesn't admit it, but there's always a person who can get him to come out of his shell and be more outgoing about life and the people in it.  He likes to play the "dark and mysterious man of few words" role, but in the end, he just wants to meet someone who understands him.

Liam uses his introversion as a scapegoat for many things, more specifically, for the reason why he really doesn’t like to go anywhere outside of Wall Rose.  He has been within Wall Rose for most of his life and whenever he has to leave, it feels like he might never be able to come back.  Despite the indifferent personality that Liam likes to display, when the time comes, he has shown himself to be much more assertive, capable, and less reserved than what most people think.  Liam’s introversion is often shown 75% of the time, this is why most people tend to mistakenly downplay his potential as a soldier because of the wide variety of things he doesn’t like to put effort into or do at all.

An underlying trait that Liam likes to verbalize sometimes is his sense of pride for the Military Police.  His admiration for this group extends back into his childhood.  The only branch of the military that ever interested him was the Military Police.  It just seemed as if they had the greatest responsibility of all: protecting the King, the people, and maintaining order within the walls for all of humanity.  He also likes the fact that the Military police is composed of only the most elite and prestige soldiers.  With that being said, Liam hates to witness the corruption that occurs within the Military Police and always does anything he can to stop it when he’s around.

In regards to relationships, Liam is a sucker for love, but that applies to anybody of the same sex that's physically and psychologically appealing to his senses.  Men that appeal to Liam almost act as the backdoor into his true internal nature.  If Liam were to come into contact with a real genuine guy, people might find that he's much more quicker to open up than he is with anybody else.

On the battlefield, Liam drops some of his laziness and takes on the full persona of a soldier, especially when it comes to fighting titans.  His instinctive and book smarts come into play.  Liam doesn’t risk rushing into situations unnecessarily or haphazardly.  He approaches battles from different angles and has no problem adding variety to his tactics.  If he encounters a problem that goes beyond his abilities as a soldier, then retreat becomes an option.  However, the problem with that is that Liam has a lot of pride as a soldier.  Therefore, he sometimes doesn’t realize the full severity of a situation until it’s staring him right in the face.

Lastly, people tend to say that Liam’s tone is always sarcastic, as people can never really tell when to take him seriously or not. Liam claims that he never noticed it and that he doesn’t intend to come off as sarcastic. Regardless of the fact, Liam takes advantage of this when needed to, often succeeding in making others around him upset without the effort.

Physical Traits

Rank: Captain
Group: Military Police
Job: Tax Collection, Wall Patrol, Surveillance, etc.
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 165lbs
Hair Color/Length: Short white hair
Eye Color: Crimson
Appearance: Liam has dark skin, white hair, and glowing crimson-colored eyes.  He has an average muscle build and always appears in a distant manner.  Liam also has a pair of shades that he constantly wears and never takes off, even in battle.  He wears his standard Military Police uniform with a black hoodie underneath.  



  • Toughness - 25
  • Intellect - 35
  • Dexterity - 35

Character Information

-Solitude: With Liam being an introvert, that means that there's barely any forms of social activities that he enjoys.  He would much rather mind his own business in a quiet field while taking a nap.  Being around others for too long can be very draining on him.

-Sleeping: The only time where Liam isn't stressed and worrying about what he has to do for the day.  Sleeping means that Liam can rest and best of all, dream.

-Dogs: Dogs are man's best friend and they love you unconditionally.  Liam enjoys house pets, but dogs are a symbol of friendship and undying loyalty.

-Men: Liam likes men and admires the male body.  However, Liam doesn't have a very broad history of dating because of his distant personality.

-Military Police:  The Military Police are a symbol of power and authority, which Liam takes great pride in.  He doesn't tolerate any disrespect when it comes to his skills as a soldier or his position in this branch of the military.

-Scenery:  Liam doesn't get out much, but he seems to have a habit of being out at just the right times.  Beautiful sunsets, stars at night, the orange and pink colors in the sky are some of the things that Liam finds mesmerizing.

-Titans: Incredibly large humans that devour anything they can.  Titans are one of the main things that have made Liam's life a living hell.

-Insects (Mainly roaches): Liam's hatred for insects burns with the intensity of 1000 suns.  They fly into your face, into your ears, and they invade your personal space.  Liam hates roaches the most though.  They're too big, they fly, and the 3DMG doesn't do very well in killing them.

-Snakes: Slimy, slithering, crawling demons with mouths that can unhinge wide enough to eat humans.  They're almost similar to titans, in a way.

-Ignorance/Stupidity:  Liam has a superiority complex, which makes it very easy for him to assume that everyone around him is stupid or at least not as smart as he is.

-Extroverts: The complete opposite of introverts.  Extroverts are spontaneous, energetic, and entirely too loud for Liam.

-Dying Alone: Nobody would want to die alone without anyone knowing what happened or having anyone around.  Given his loner personality, Liam has accepted this fate as a possibility, but he tries not to think about it too much.

-Mental Disorders: Liam fears losing his mind.  Because of his superiority complex, Liam likes to consider himself as "intellectually special."  Losing all of his thoughts and memories to oblivion is a thought that frightens him.  Most of his being requires him to think.  How would Liam cope if he couldn't think anymore?

-Evil: Anything that disrupts Liam's way of life is evil and must be destroyed at all costs.  Better yet, anything that disrupts the way of humanity must be destroyed.

Motivations: -Peace/Stability: Peace and order need to be held in order for life to flow smoothly.  Without peace, Liam would always be working and he'd never have time to himself.  The more evil Liam can rid from the world, the more likely it'll be to obtain peace.

-Serving Humanity: As a soldier, it's Liam's sworn duty to protect humanity at all costs.  With that being said, Liam is willing to go to any lengths necessary to ensure that he can complete his job.

-Power: Liam is just a human, but humans should always seek to increase their limits.  By training everyday and pushing himself to his maximum limits, Liam can amass enough power to protect the world as needed, or as much as he can.

-Love/Acceptance: Even though Liam is a loner, he knows he can't tackle life by himself, even though he thinks he can.  Liam would like to be in a group with others like him or at least others who have some of the same ideals as him.  Maybe love is even an option.

Character History

Background: Before the breach of Wall Maria and the sudden influx of refugees into Wall Rose, Liam lived a happy life with his grandmother and grandfather.  Liam always loved his grandparents not only because of how much they loved him, but also because they spoiled him endlessly.  Liam's mother, Amara Adams, a woman of African descent, died while giving birth to him.  His father, Hajime Shiromaru, a man of Japanese descent, was enlisted in the Military Police branch of the military.  Because his mother died before he got a chance to meet her and because his father was constantly attending to his duties, Liam had no choice but to live with his secondary guardians.  It wasn't a bad thing, but he just wished that he got a chance to experience real life with his actual guardians, even when that experience was limited to life within the walls.  Liam's grandmother was a kind and elderly woman who acted as the Trost District's local nurse.  Liam's grandfather was a field worker and farmer, so he acted as the handy man of the family.  Liam’s grandfather would also occasionally train him in the art of hand-to-hand combat during his free time.  Because of his unique heritage and distinct physical features, Liam would sometimes be referred to as “rare,” “exotic,” and even “special” by the people who knew of his blood.

However, sometime in between Liam's average lifestyle, Wall Maria was breached and lead to a shift in environmental changes for Wall Rose and all the districts within it.  As the refugees swarmed inward away from nature's beasts known as the Titans, life started to become harder.  Even though Liam would see his dad every now and then, the influx of refugees made it even harder for that to become possible.  This also lead to Liam's grandmother going out more often to attend to the injured and his grandfather staying out for longer periods of time to attend to the incoming crops.  Slowly but surely, the entire atmosphere began to shift.  The normal life that Liam had begun to immerse himself in was slowly becoming hectic; it was all because of the Titans.

As hard months and years went by, Liam himself was finally starting to feel the strain of this new lifestyle.  He had finally begun helping his grandfather out in the fields, but of course it wasn't something he wanted to do.  Manual labor was too demanding for Liam and he hated getting dirty most of all.  Nevertheless, like all things in life, he adapted, and life in the fields started to brighten up.  However, one day while working in the fields, that's when everything changed.  Wall Rose had finally been breached and the time that Liam had been dreading was finally here.  The titan that breached the wall had broken through with so much force, that the shock wave was felt for many miles.  Some residents in Wall Sina even said that they heard the boom from the wall breaking.  The ensuing shock wave carried dust, dirt, rocks, glass, and debris in its wake.  This debris trail traveled so far and so fast within a short amount of time, that people had either been killed from the force or dazed.  Fortunately, Liam was one of the ones who was only unconscious for a few minutes.  However, when he awoke, the sight of what he saw horrified him.  His grandfather had been impaled by debris, but Liam came to the realization that he died because he was trying to protect him.  The debris that was protruding from his body was supposed to be inside of Liam instead.  Scared and saddened, Liam raced back to his house to find his grandmother.  On his way back, he found her outside the house.  She was covered in dirt, but she wasn't dead, only unconscious.  After repeatedly calling her name and shaking her, she finally woke up.  Partially conscious and confused, he helped her get as far away from the chaos as they could.  In the midst of trying to find a safe route, a 15-meter class titan appeared in front of them.  This titan was coming straight at them and Liam knew that he wouldn't be able to get away while trying to help her; his eyes filled with despair.  While apparently being conscious enough to recognize the severity of the situation, Liam's grandmother pushed him out of the way of the titan as the 15-meter high beast reached for her.  In shock, Liam watched in horror as the titan relentlessly devoured her.  Finishing the first victim, the titan finally fixed its twisted gaze on Liam.  As the titan reached for him, a Military Police soldier seemingly appeared out of thin air and took down the titan with ease.  This man, this soldier, was Liam's father.  Without going through all of the formalities, Hajime swiftly swung down and rescued him from the path of the falling titan he had just killed.  They rushed for the deeper reaches of Wall Rose where the titans wouldn't be able to push through.

Sometime after his rescue, Liam had apparently passed out for 2 whole days, but eventually woke up.  He was confused and extremely fatigued.  As he lifted his head from the pillow he was lying on, he looked out the window and noticed a beam of sunlight coming through.  All of a sudden, everything pertaining to the attack on Wall Rose started rushing back to him.  He jumped out of bed and ran out of his room only to realize that he was in some military barracks.  As he looked around, he noticed that it wasn't just any barracks, it belonged to the Military Police.  Seconds after realizing this, his dad walked up behind him and greeted him, it wasn't a happy greeting though.  During their chat, Hajime relayed the details of everything that happened regarding the breach.  Upon hearing everything that happened, Liam eventually decided that he would join the Military Police and focus on not only keeping the walls fortified with military strength, but ensuring that the inhabitants of all the walls were safe as well.  The underlying drive behind this was naturally to avenge his family, but keeping everyone safe was at least good for an external cause.  

Liam learned all that he could from his father about the Military Police and even practiced some more advanced hand-to-hand combat skills before he enlisted in the military as a trainee.  From this point on, Liam would work his hardest to make the Military Police the leading militia power between the Garrison and the Survey Corps, while at the same time, slaying the titans who took everything away from him.  Years after enrolling in the army as a trainee, Liam graduated from the army with flying scores.  He was extremely proficient with the 3DMG, skilled in the art of self-defense, but needed more improvement in the area of teamwork.  Thanks to his smarts, additional training, and knowledge from his father, Liam was able to graduate as the 4th cadet out of the top 10 trainees from his class, which qualified him to enlist in the Military Police.

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PostSubject: Re: Liam Shiromaru    Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:23 pm

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Liam Shiromaru
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