A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Armand Cartier

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PostSubject: Armand Cartier    Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:59 pm

Armand Cartier

Basic Info

Name: Armand Jacques Cartier
Nickname: AJ/Jacque/Jack Carter/The Brains/Hawkeyes
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Although he is very handsome in the eyes of most, Armand is a very unpleasant person to be around. He is rude, foul mouthed, and almost constantly smoking. He prefers to participate in leisurely activities such as eating and sleeping if he can help it. Which doesn't seem to effect his performance on the battlefield. Some claim he seems unreasonably calm for someone with a giant man eating organism after them. His greatest strength is in his ability to analyze almost every aspect of a battlefield and is also very precise in his movements.

He feels indifferently towards all Titans and will usually aim for the largest and most dominant of their groups. He takes his job very seriously but has extreme distaste for the hierarchy that controls them. He treats his squad mates as if they're his kin being he doesn't have any left. This he blames on the Titans, and feels as if that is all he has left to live for.

Some of his favorite things are spicy foods, foreign books, and smoking rare herbs. Most females fall for his 'bad boy' attitude and 'cool' demeanor, yet he rarely pays them any attention and often responds rude and sarcastically. He usually stays to himself and seems rather annoyed when people try to pry into his personal life or past.

Physical Traits

Rank: Average
Group: Scouting Legion
Job: Special Operations Squad
Height: 6'
Weight: 160
Hair Color/Length: Black/Back length dreadlocks
Eye Color: Hazel

When described, the first thing that comes to mind is 'handsome'. Other than that, people seem to notice his long black dreadlocks and his hazel eyes. His skin is also a different color than most, a trait inherited by his father. It's more of a caramel tone, almost the same as peanut butter. More than likely originating from a different section of the world. He isn't the tallest but is of a decent height for a man. Not thickly clad with muscle either, but more lean and compact built. He always has a smug look on his face and often seems apathetic or lazy. In when in civilian dress, he often wears a sleeveless shirt, usually black. Revealing the ornate tiger tattoo that takes up most of his arm, and a pair of tan cargo pants cimilar to those worn by the military. His sloth like nature is reflected by his slip-on sandal footwear, and almost always happens to have a cigar hanging from his mouth. Most people take him for a 'pretty boy' but he's actually quite dangerous.


  • Toughness - 15
  • Intellect - 20
  • Dexterity - 25

Character Information

Leisure - Armand loves simply laying around and sleeping. As often as he can he is found with a cigar in his mouth, laying in the sun with a book propped up on his chest. He usually does so by himself and feels as if this is his way of disconnecting with the turmoils of the world. This is a reason why he usually acts so perturbed when disrupted while participating in such activities.

Luxury - Due to his upbringing, although usually can't afford them, Armand loves nice things. This includes gold, expensive foods, or even things that the lower class aren't supposed to have. Although he won't make a big deal out of these things in front of other people, his heart aches with the thought of being a 'Royal' or rich enough to live luxurious and in a world without Titans.

Loyalty - Armand doesn't acknowledge people much, but one thing that will make him do so is if he notices loyalty in them. May it be to him, the legion, or humanity in general he usually treats these people kinder than most. He himself feels as if that was a quality over looked in people and one he tries to project, even though there are times when he finds it useless. Being that most of the hierarchy don't care for their lives.

Poverty - Due to his upbringing, Armand hates to be in the regions stricken with poverty or even the thought that he himself isn't 'wealthy'. His whole life he was picked on by other children for being poor. He usually shows kindness to these people and often shows his distaste in the fact that money is spent on Titan research and lives are wasted on them. When the money and effort could be used to aid the poor and less fortunate.

Prejudice - Although he shows this towards the Titans. He hates when people alienate others for a reason beyond their control. Being the way lower class people are treated or those who don't practice a belief of God or simply people who are just different. Being he was treated in such a way due to his ethnicity and social status as a child.

Politics - The thing he seems to dislike the most is the people who have the authority over him. Feeling as if they use their power in an abusive manner and don't care for the majority of the people and cater to the elite. He's been noted saying things like "Let's see if they can use this gear." in reference to royals and others who wear similar uniforms. If it were up to him there would be one gigantic wall around them all and they would live in a communistic society.

Lies - With his wandering mind, Armand has grown a fearful of the thought that his, and other people's existence is a lie. He often questions the church and laughs at them. Finding contradictions in their doctrines, he wonders if they've been lied to about Titans and other issues at hand as well. He never shares these thoughts will people with the fear that also, they'll think he's crazy.

Lame - Something he experienced with his mother. The illness she was infected by caused her to become 'lame', or unable to move. He's often had nightmares of himself in her own bed, covered in bandages or coughing unable to move or use his gear anymore. He wouldn't be able to make a difference in society or even enjoy the same luxurious activities he loves anymore.

Leaving - Although a common occurrence due to being in the Scouting Legion, Armand cringes every time they're told to leave the walls. He doesn't display fear of the Titans themselves much and quite easily dispatches trios of them at a time, yet there is a possibility of not coming back every time one leaves. Also upon leaving and returning he was informed of the death of his mother, this placed a lifelong stigma on leaving for him, which one day he hopes to break.

People - Armand's original motivation to join the trainee corps was the death of his father and the ailment that struck his mother. Upon the events of the Titan attack, he seen more people who went through troubles similar to himself and felt that he should do what he could to help them. Although he isn't vocal about caring about most people, it weighs heavy on his heart that he can't use his position to help people more.

Progress - Although selfish, he wishes that he can make progress into becoming a member of the higher classed luxurious society. Hoping to eventually not have to do anything, at all and that the world be different than it currently is. No taking orders, but himself giving orders. That he'd actually become something more than that vendor with the weird accent and the plague lady's son.

Peace - Although a seemingly far fetched goal. Armand wishes to annihilate all of the Titans and end the inner struggles of the wall cities. He often makes jokes about how there wont be any humans left for the Titans to kill if they continue the way they're acting, in reference to power struggles among the higher classes.

Character History

Background: Armand was born in the slums of the outermost wall. The child of a lowly merchant and a laundrywoman. He was picked on most of his life and lived without any supervision due to his parents mostly working. He hung around a group of children his age and often got into trouble. Even fights which he usually lost due to his lower physical strength. He was naturally smart, and had intuitive reasoning skills. This helped him come up with strategies do defeat larger children in combat, and even how to steal things. Of course his father disciplined him and taught him hard work, which he hated. He couldn't understand why his father would rather peddle food and wares for pennies, when they could steal them or fight in the army to make money. At the time, he didn't realize or respect his fathers reasoning or thoughts.

Shortly after his tenth birthday, Armand's father died upon exiting the wall. He reportedly was with a small group of people who went to locate resources and was devoured by a larger class Titan. Claiming he was the only victim of the assault the group returned and claimed all of the proceeds of their expedition leaving Armand and his mother both without a father and way to provide for himself. This caused them to struggle, and upon this, Armand began to deal with a darker crowd of people. Those who did 'illegal' things in ways to gain money.

His strength was his ability to reason and make strategies for them and his ability to use firearms so proficiently. Although finally becoming able to help his mother, an illness took her. A disease that formed blisters in the lungs had reached a terminal stage in her. More than likely from handling so many different garments. Around the age of 17 she died from it, leaving Armand on his own. When this happened  he joined the trainee corps in an attempt to move away from the district and gain a better income.

Graduating in the top ten of his class, specifically the second, he was offered a position in the military police. Due to the way he felt about the government and the way his family was treated. Alongside his hate for titans, he turned the opportunity down and joined the special operations group after his three year stint of training. He gained a reputation and nicknames like "Hawkeyes" or "The Brains" in reference to his battle precision.

Spending three long years of servitude he gained a decent amount of kills against the titans and even saved a few of his comrades from certain death. He became hardened, with age and experience and continued to impress those in powerful positions above him. He lived in Wall Rose, finally escaping the horrors of his childhood. Right before the breach of the outermost wall by the Colossal Titan. He played a part in defending the civilians, and almost lost his life. Claiming he was a dreadlock away from gigantic bear trap. He currently functions with his group, in combating and observing the behavior of Titans.


-Has a large black tiger tattoo sleeve on his arm/shoulder.
-Excessively smokes cigars filled with herbs.
-Has never had a haircut.
-Loves spicy food.
-Favorite color is GOLD.

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PostSubject: Re: Armand Cartier    Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:59 pm


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Armand Cartier
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