A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Here are some helpful links if you want to read the manga.

Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Leif Forthgard (The spined Titan)

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PostSubject: Leif Forthgard (The spined Titan)   Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:07 pm


Basic Info

Name: Leif Forthgard
Personality: In control
In control, Leif acts keenly. He will use his superior sense of smell and hearing to locate the enemy and keep tabs on others. He retains human thought, although not human speech, but will instead gesture with nods and hands. He will stand straighter than when he isn't in control, but will still retain the slight hunch of the shoulders most  titans have. He will use his military combat training, using hand to hand combat techniques he learned. He will use his spines and blades to accentuate his attacks, adding extra damage to the blow. He doesn't however, appear to have the ability to fire spines. He will instead pick up debris and boulders to throw instead. He treats those he cares for delicately, always touching them carefully when he has too. He will, however sometimes use his strength to do things he believes would be beneficial for his friends, sometimes forcefully moving them away from a battle if they are not fit to fight. He will use his strength strategically, using it to launch allies into the air for increased speed for maneuvers or the movement of a large object. He will however, not respond to direct orders in the normal military style, unless he is in battle. He still will retain his fears however and will occasionally running when he encounters them, especially the publics eye. He does however, still accept hugs, often better than he would normally

Lost control
When he loses control, Leif will go into a frenzy, only thinking of one thing, to kill the enemy. He will lash out at the opponent, disregarding his surroundings entirely. Saliva dribbles from his mouth in globs that could easily drown a herd of adult elephants, but these evaporate on contact. He hunches over more, more beast-like, like a predator ready to pounce. His arm will hang down by his sides and he will bend his knees slightly. His titan ears will not understand words, so to speak to him when he's like this you must pierce the titan weak spot so his human ears can hear. He will never stick to a pre-made plan and loses all traces of advanced thought. He will often swing his arms wildly, with no real style. In this form, he is able to form and shoot "small" spines on his back. If all titans in the area have been defeated he will either calm down, or go on a rampage. However, he will never try to hurt an animal, even moving them away from the path he is taking. When out of battle, he will head toward any forest he can see, especially Forests of Giant trees. Here, left to his own devices, he will proceed to mark his territory with slash marks, ranging in size and depth, across trees. He may sometimes attempt to do this on other objects, especially towers, which he mistakes for trees. He will also sharpen the blades on his arms the surroundings, be it trees, buildings, or even the wall.

Physical Traits

Height: At full strength it is 40 meters, at weakest it is only 15
Appearance:Leif, while in titan form, is lean. He has pointed ears and markings around his eyes the look like dark grey spider webs. (think the weird hickey like things the titan shifters get when they are pulled out of the titan body prematurely) Their are spines every 4 vertebrae, extending about as long as his upper arm.He also has razor sharp teeth, his canines larger and sharper, including his extra one.He has has blades on his elbows, knees, and shoulders(all pointing up) and on the back off his hands, all as long as his forearms. He has a 4 spikes instead of toes, 3 on the front and one on the heels. His fingers have talon like claws on them, with small spikes coming out of the knuckles. His spine is easily seen pressing against his skin. His titan weak spot is right above one of his spines, shown by a fleshy mark where the spine meets skin. His spines are made of rocks solid bone, but will disintegrate once he turns back into his human form or after about an hour. His shoulder blades are slightly curved towards his head. much like an elephant's tusk. His hair is longer then usual, reaching past his ears. However. His small ponytail stays the same size, not even bursting out of the ribbon. He knees can not quite go strait, for if he did his he would impale his thighs on his knee blades. His eyes glow a silvery color when he is enraged, and retain their stormy grey color when he is calm. He is toned, with powerful chest and arm muscles. His jaws lack flesh, exposing his razor sharp teeth. His toes can move up and down, allowing him to lock himself into the ground to brace for attacks.

Special: He has Spikes/Blades made off bones coming off parts of his body. He also can stay in titan form for an unlimited amount of time, but has certain side-affects afterwards.(he may gain an ability like Eren can set himself on fire, and Annie can harden, and Bertholdt can release the blasts of super hot steam.)

Character History

Background: -Gaining-
Leif was a healthy child, almost never getting sick. His parents were very glad because, as they never could've afforded for treatments from Doctor Jaeger. But one day, when leif was 4 years old, he got sick. His father ran for Dr. Jaeger, hoping that his child would be cured. When the doctor said their was no traditional way to cure this, and that Leif may die. His parents were devastated, and pleaded with Jaeger, hoping for a way, any way, to save their child. The good doctor had one way, but it was an experimental injection he created, and it was made for a completely different situation. The Forthgards agreed taking any chance they could to save their child.
The good doctor hesitated. His method hadn't been tested, it wasn't even finished. But this young couple could never understand the problems this could cause, but the look of concern on their faces were too much for him, and he agreed. He asked the parents  to excuse him and the child, not wanting to be interrupted during the painful process, both for the child in front of him and himself. He filled the needle, tears streaming down his face as he imagines the consequences of the choices he made that day. He closed his eyes, hating having to put such a small child through the pain he will have to go through for the rest of his life. He lowered the needle slowly, preparing for a reaction, and stabbed. The needle hit its mark, injecting the serum into Leif's bloodstream. The reaction was immediate, a small stream of smoke came off the boy's head, his face immediately looking less gaunt. Jaeger sighed knowing that it had worked, hoping that the powers in Leif's body never awakened, as he opened the window letting out the smoke. His work, was done.
Leif was on a patrol with his squadron in the scouts, looking out for titans exiting the the gap in the wall. trying to take them out before they got to far into flat land. In the distance, he saw a black flare, an abberant. Leif turned his horse towards the signal and urged it into a gallop, not wanting for anyone to be eaten. When he got their, the deed was already done. The abberant was an abomination, it looked malnourished, its head upside-down, crawling on it hands and feet. Blood dribbled out of its mouth, matting its hair, drops falling to the ground. It turned to Leif, lust in its eyes, its mouth contorting into a savage grin. It leaped, powerfully launching its body towards him, mouth open, ready for the kill. He jumped but it was too late. The creature had caught his lower body in its teeth, gently moving its jaw over it, trying to get a feel for its next prey. It bit, in that moment Leif looked at the severed arm of a separate solider, and recognized the scars on its forearm. They were rough, clearly torn open many times in battle. It belonged to his best friend, Bryce. Leif looked around recognizing other remains. Janet's head, Cedric's legs, Terryn's torso. Leif snapped. He bit his hand purely out of instinct. Lightning struck, Getting the attention of the nearest scout, another friend of his, Xalvador. Flesh formed, as Leif was encased in a flesh and blood of a titan, its body covered in spines. He roared. He grabbed the titan by its arms, Holding it right up to his face. He bit it, taking off the top of its head. He twisted its back breaking its spine. Xalvador was amazed at the sight he was seeing. The titan was killing its own kind, and it looked like something out of a nightmare. Leif slashed out the abberant's weak spot, destroying it thoroughly. He turned his eyes glowing a piercing silver. He felt tired all of a sudden. His titan body collapsed, falling down into a kneel. Xalvador watched in awe as the titans body began disintegrating, revealing his friend. Leif awoke, completely unaware of what he had done, but his mind was more focussed on why and how his lower body was in a titan. He looked behind him, seeing Xalvador standing on one of the spines already reaching to pull him out. They landed on the ground gently due to his friends maneuvering gear. The agreed never to speak of the event ever, after hearing rumors of another with this ability being contained and awaiting trial by the government as they speak.

Extras: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Leif Forthgard (The spined Titan)   Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:51 pm

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Leif Forthgard (The spined Titan)
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