A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Anke Gift

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PostSubject: Anke Gift   Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:02 am

Anke Gift

   Basic Info

   Name: Anke Gift
   Nickname: Anke (she might allow a few peole to call her Ann)
   Gender: Female
   Age: 18
   Sexuality: Straight
   Personality: At first sight, Anke seems to be a friendly and kind person. She seems to be eager to help any time needed. She acts gentle and sweet. She is usually seen smiling. After a few coversations with her, one can realize that she is not at all helpful. She is rather selfish and tight-fisted. If someone is very good at analising one's actions, or has known Anke for a very long time, could tell that she lacks almost all emphaty towards people around her, and she would betray or sell out almost anyone for enough money. As soon as she feels like someone is useless to her, she just stops talking to them and getting in contact with them. Even though she seems optimistic at first, she is very pessimistic, and is often worried. She is also an introvert.
She isn't too good at working in a team, but when she is alone, she van be very productive. She is rather brave, and can be very determined. She can tell a lot about a person after one or too small conversations, that is something she was thaught when she was a little girl.
There are few people who she actually cares for, and looks up to. To these people, she is perfectly loyal. She would do anything they ask from her, even if she didn't get anything in return, just to get them to like her. Even though she is usually very distrustful towardds most people, she trusts these few people with her life.
She acts especially warm and kind towards children, baceuse she knows it's easy to eaarn the love of a child, and as soon as he/she grows up, she can get them do a lot for her.
Anke admires animals, but she does not want to interfere with their own lives, neither hurt, nor help them.
When Anke is in a situation like a training or a battle, she is silent, determined, and well-concentrated. She shuts out everything else, and focuses only on her goal. This makes her horrible in woking with others. In the dark, she looses all her bravery. She becomes weak and paranoid.

   Physical Traits

   Rank: Rookie
   Group: Trainee
   Job: N/A
   Height: 171 cm
   Weight: 51 kg
   Hair Color/Length: Midback-length blonde hair
   Eye Color: very light blue
   Appearance:Anke is a tall and thin girl she has freclkes on her chhecks and her hands. She is rather pale, but she almost never gets sunburn. Her face is rounded, and her blue eyes are big. She looks rather childish, and one wouldn't belive that she is eighteen if she wasn't so tall. Her hair is usually in one or two brades, but on special ocassions, she might leave it loose. She usually wears warm-coloured ribbons in her hair.



  • Toughness - 3
  • Intellect - 7
  • Dexterity - 5

   Character Information

   Likes: Money: She was raised to love money. Her parents always told her that there is nothing more important than becoming successfuland rich, no matter the way she gets there.
Parents: Anke's parents are one of those few people she truly respects. They taught her many things, and she knows that they always meaned the best for her.They gave her two goals in her life: to be rich, and to be a parent just like they were.
Books: Anke loves mostly crime and mystery books, but she might enjoy a non-fiction one, maybe about life in a different social group too. Of course, there are some genres she hates, like romance, but she likes most books.
   Dislikes: Her last name: She dislikes the name because of its German meaning, that is 'poison'. That is why she introduces herself as just 'Anke' most of the time. But she would never change her name, she respects and loves her parents too much. Changing her name would mean leaving her family to her.
Mud: Not only it is dirty, it also gets stuck to her boots, and slows her down. Anke would love the rain, if it caused no mud.
Couples: She feels disgusted at the sight of kissing lovers. If it wa something allowed, she would slaughter all of them, or at least, she feels like that. She doesn't kow this, but her hatred towards them might be due to jealousy: Anke was never in love before, and is furious deep down her heart for not experiencing this feeling yet (she does admire some people, and she might like some boys, but she never really was in love). On the surface, she is glad that she hasn't fallen in love: it would distract her from whatever she has to do. This disgust towards lovers is the reason why she dislikes romance novels.
   Fears: Night/Darkness: Anke was told all those tales about bad children being taken away by monsters, and it has been with a huge influence on her. Her parets even showed her "proof" of the existence of the monsters that hide in the dark: they hid hairs, torn cloth, claw marks, bite marks, water (either normal, saying it's the drool of a monster, or red water, saying it's the blood of the last victim), and things like that in her room every night. This ultimate fear and terror kept her especially close to her parents, because they seemed to know so much about the monsters, and they told her they could protect her. She now knows that the monsters were mere fiction, but she is still scared of the dark.
Poverty: Originating from her love of money, her ultimate fear is becoming poor. She has seen poor peoples' suffering, and she would never want to experience the same.
Time: She hates looking at cocks. Time is the most cruel enemy in her eyes. An enemy that can not be destroyed or defeated. She knows that she will grow old and die, and she is afraid of not being able to achieve her goals before that happens.
   Motivations: Parents: as I metoned in likes, they are with great influence on her, and they made her who she is. She is loves them deeply, and would do watever to please them.
The breaking of Wall Maria: Anke is not stupid. She knows, just like most of the people do, that if they are forced on smaller and smaller areas, and don't have any space left for farms, they won't have food. And if there is no food to buy, money is useless, people will starve, no matter their financial status. This motivated her to become a trainee.
Her fears: Anke feels like if she falls back all that will be left for her would be her fears. And that is really something she wouldn't want to happen.

   Character History

   Background: Anke was born within Wall Rose. She never lived in one place for a long time because her father was never content with their home. Her father insisted on her going to good schools, even if they were far from her home. Anke never made real friends in school, due to attending a different one every year. She was a very shy and introverted girl, never willing to speak up. Her grades were good, but not the best. Her parents started teaching her how to stand up for herself, and how to act knid and friendly the same time. At first it was hard for her to keep up what her parents asked her to do, and she was called weird for her bad acting. But by the time she turned 14, she became popular fast in all schools she attended. But she still coundn't make any great friends. She would sometimes tell her parents that she was lonely. Her parents bought her a puppy. It was not even one year old then, and it is still the only animal that's live she is willing to interfere with: she feeds her, gives her a home, and loves her as if he was her own child. She named her Kämpfer, as the doggy was never the peaceful time. Also, any time she feels a little down, or as if she is going to give up on becoming rich, she always thinks of her dog. If the dog is a fighter, than she has to be one too. She must fight her way up to the top.
Soon after Anke turned sixteen, her father died in an accident: a horse was startled by the sudden laugh of a child, and started running. Anke's father was holding the horse, and as it moved suddenly, he fell. He was really unlucky, and hit his head on a stone. He died right there. Neither Anke, nor her mother were at the scene of the accident. When they heard about it, they were both shocked. After the funeral, Anke's mother wouldn't stop crying. She lost weight, and became paler than ever. But after some weeks, she started eating properly again, and she stopped crying. She would sing and smile, and be happier than ever. She told Anke, that from somewhere far away, her father was still watching. If they were just going to cry and be sad about it, he will be sad. So they mustn't continue grieving. Anke foud this a comforting idea, so she accepted it, and started believing in it. In the following yeaqrs, her grades became so good, that she was the best in her class. She would smile, and work a lot on her nice-girl disguise. She would learn how to analyze other human beings, and how to determine if they were worthy of the time spent on them. Her mother told her about fate all the time. She told her that no one can change another persons fate, one can only change thir own, so there is no need to worry about others. Anke accepted this as the ultimate truth, but she still couldn't stop careing about a few people. She turned eighteen two weeks before the Colossal Titan appreaed. The fall of Wall Maria affected her so greately, that she started training to become a fighter, and help hold the titans back. Her mother tried to make her change her mind, but she couldn't.
   Extras: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Anke Gift   Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:23 am

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Anke Gift
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