A Role Play based on the anime Attack On Titan
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Short Story
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Until that day.....
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Here are some helpful links if you want to read the manga.

Live Action Movie 2015-08

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 Niamh Wilson [DONE]

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Niamh Wilson


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PostSubject: Niamh Wilson [DONE]   Sat May 31, 2014 3:41 am

Niamh Wilson

Basic Info

Name: Niamh Wilson
Nickname: 'Ninja' is her most used nickname. 'Big-ass' and 'Big-chest' are the nicknames her friends mock her with.
Gender: Female.
Age: 20 years old.
Sexuality: Straight.
Personality: Niamh is quite an introvert (meaning she is very reserved). Introverts are "geared to inspect" rather than to act in social settings. In a large social setting, introverts tend to be quiet, low-key, deliberate, and engaged in non-social activities.

This fits Niamh's personality very well because she likes to act like a "Lone Wolf" at times but she is always there to back up her friends and allies when they're in battle. She makes sure that peace between her allies is secured and that no one is arguing with each other and/or fighting - she is like a peace-maker amongst her friends and allies.

When in battle, she only acts when it is necessary and she is very quick to action when it is her 'time to shine'. She is always serious when in the 'killing mode' (as her allies call it) and she is ruthless and will not stand down until all of the enemies have been terminated. Her expression is always 'poker-face' and she rarely cracks a smile or a sob when it comes to battle. If she loses any of her comrades, she will accept it and move on.

Physical Traits

Rank: Above Average.
Group: Scouting Legion.
Job: N/A.
Height: 5ft 7 inches.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair Color/Length: She has straight, blonde hair that reaches down to her chest area.
Eye Color: Her eyes are light blue in colour.
Appearance: Niamh is quite small for her age because she is only 5 foot and 7 inches tall. Her figure is well-built and she has a very slim, model-like figure. Niamh is very beautiful, even though she doesn't know it. She has a strong, 6-pack on her slim stomach, showing her hard work in martial arts and military training. She is known as "big-chest" and "big-ass" by her friends and allies because of her big chest and shaped behind.
Out of duty she is seen in her martial arts outfit - which is in the spoiler below.


  • Toughness - 28
  • Intellect - 12
  • Dexterity - 20

Character Information

Likes: Fighting - She has been fighting for Humanity for a long time and she wants to help the success in exterminating every single Titan in existence.
Killing Titans - She loves killing them, it makes Humanity one step closer to success.
Friends/Allies - She absolutely loves her friends and allies and she will always stick by them, making sure they come out alive in every mission.
Dislikes: Titans - She absolutely hates them! She wishes to obliterate all of them and wipe them from existence!
Flirts - She doesn't appreciate the flirty-types of people. She doesn't like it when they approach and flirt with her when she clearly does not want to hook up with them and/or she doesn't find them the tiniest bit attractive.
People mocking her - This sort of explains itself. The mocking nicknames her friends or bullies call her offend her quite a lot! 'Big-chest' and 'big-ass' is something she is used to, but other names offend her.
Fears: The Titans - even the strongest Human in the world would be scared of these walking, monstrous, naked beings.
Losing - She is afraid of losing everything! She doesn't want to lose to a Titan - which could result in her losing her life. She doesn't want to lose any more friends and allies, whom she treats like family, and she really doesn't want the whole of Humanity dying out because they ended up losing against the Titans.
Being alone - She fears being alone, she fears losing all of her friends through trust issues, death etc., and she just wants to be with those she trusts and loves.
Motivations: Fighting for Humanity - This motivation sort of speaks for itself. Niamh wants to obliterate all of the Titans and help Humanity conquer over the giants.
The Outside World - Niamh has always wanted to see the outside world beyond the walls ever since she was little. She has always wanted to see the giant lands of salt water called "oceans" and the large, endless plains of sand called "deserts".
Her Friends - Her friends keep her going forward in life and she won't ever disappoint them! Without them she would be nothing but a commoner who probably wouldn't have joined the Scouting Legion.

Character History

Background: Niamh originally lived in Shinganshina with her parents and little sister Lilly. Ever since she was a small girl, her mother would read stories to her about the outside world with it's salty oceans, deserts and other surreal places. Her mother was the one who inspired her to dream about being free and explore the world beyond the Walls.

Sadly, when Niamh turned 8, her mother had passed away from an illness which was undiagnosed and was unfortunately untreatable by any kind of medicine. Niamh was devastated and soon began to get angry and frustrated, she would not eat or sleep and slowly she was a pale, frail girl.

After a few months of not eating and sleeping and taking her issues out on her little sister and father, she began to train under her father with her martial arts. It took years to progress through but soon she mastered three different kinds of martial arts, excelling them all in three years - meaning she was 12 when she mastered them.

Soon enough it was time for her father's end as he was struck down by the same illness as her mother. Sadly, he died a few weeks later, meaning he was weaker to the illness than her mother who lasted five months to the illness. This meant Niamh and her little sister Lilly were orphans and Niamh struggled to make money in funding for her home and for food to put on the table.

Two years later, when Niamh was 16, a mysterious man gave her a job offer in doing some crime underground, she was hesitant at first but she soon took the job and became a well-known thug amongst Shinganshina. Her criminal acts resulted in her being paid tons of money in which she used to purchase food, clothing and it paid the rent of the house. Meaning her and her sister wouldn't end up homeless.

After five months of doing these criminal offences, she ended up being found by a blonde-haired man named Erwin Smith. He offered her a job in the Scouting Legion so she could put her skills in strength and agility to good use. Niamh quickly accepted the offer and soon accepted to her new lifestyle as a soldier.

After her first expedition, she went to go see her little sister after the few months she was away, but she was told horrible news... Shinganshina was taken over by Titans! Niamh could not believe her ears and she was resisting the facts and the truth of the matter. She desperately wanted to find her little sister to put her doubts at bay, but she knew it would be suicide so she soon accepted the fact her whole family was dead and gone... and she couldn't do anything about it.

To this day, she fights. She fights so her little sister's death was not in vain, and she fights for Humanity to rise and conquer over the Titans, and she does all of this so she can see the outside world that she had always dreamed about ever since she was a child.

Extras: N/A.

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PostSubject: Re: Niamh Wilson [DONE]   Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:21 pm

Good application but keep in mind seeing as we didn't plan insta rank-ups at the time being i don't know how to do the stats/rank so i'll keep it at standard for now and come back at you later :)

for the time being approved
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Niamh Wilson


Posts : 45
Join date : 2014-05-31
Age : 19

Character sheet
Rank: Rookie
*: Scouting Legion

PostSubject: Re: Niamh Wilson [DONE]   Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:47 am

Ok, thank you :)
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PostSubject: Re: Niamh Wilson [DONE]   

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Niamh Wilson [DONE]
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